The key talking points from New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week always brings the media and everything that comes with it. It is without a doubt a spectacular event that deserves the praise it gets and the drama that surrounds it is what makes it so big.

This edition of the biannual New York Fashion Week focused on the Autumn/Winter collections of the world’s biggest designers. Here are the key highs and lows of the week as it draws to a close.

Gigi Hadid body shamed

Super star Gigi Hadid has received a number of hateful comments on her social media in the last week as she walked the runway. Comments on here Instagram feed such as “u are just bones” and “too skinny” were posted.

As one of the biggest stars on the catwalk this week, Gigi wasn’t afraid to explain herself as she Tweeted a post explaining her fluctuating weight and the struggle she sometimes has in dealing with an auto-immune condition, Hashimoto’s disease.

Victoria Beckham’s final show

The former Spice Girl announced it would be her final New York Fashion Show 10 years after she first appeared there with her debut line.

She is preparing to join London Fashion Week in September which is seen as a big blow for the New York event.

Despite sales of Victoria Beckham’s line being strong, her brand is yet to turn a profit and could be one reason she is seeking an alternative. There have also been rumours that she is designing Meaghan Markle’s wedding dress.

Desmond Napoles steals the show

Is is the case with every event, a cute child manages to win over the critics with their cute looks and daring attitude.

This year it was Desmond Napoles, also known as Desmond Is Amazing, who made his catwalk debut. The so called “drag kid” is an LBGT advocate and founded the first children’s drag house.

LaQuan Smith’s Black Panther

With the anticipation around the release of Marvel’s Black Panther, designer LaQuan Smith took inspiration from the film and its meaning.

Smith said that he wanted to “create something that just really connected to the characters and the film” releasing clothing that characterised femininity, sensuality and strength.

Ralph Lauren’s laid back

The New York fashion designer released a rather laid back collection drawing inspiration from his home in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

The catwalk was created as a replica of Ralph Lauren’s island home and the models walked it in bare feet. The line was characterised by floral patterns and nautical stripes.


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