Tech giant Apple responds to privacy jab from Sundar Pichai

Apple’s Craig Federighi has responded to Google’s Sundar Pichai. The latter indirectly and without dropping names, dragged Apple an editorial he wrote for The New York Times. The piece was published earlier this month.

While Pichai was defending Google’s approach to data and privacy, the CEO took an ambiguous jab at Apple. He wrote, “privacy cannot be a luxury good offered only to people who can afford to buy premium products and services”. Although he didn’t mention the tech brand or any names at all, he didn’t have to. The public already knew he was pertaining to Apple following the concerns that have been raised regarding data privacy and security.

Apple’s chief of software Craig Federighi has dismissed the criticism in an interview with The Independent. Federighi doesn’t buy into the jab that the company was turning privacy into a luxury. He was quoted saying,

“And of course, we love, ultimately, to sell Apple products to everyone we possibly could certainly not just a luxury, we think a great product experience is something everyone should have.”

In the same interview, the software chief took a few ambiguous jabs back at Google without directly calling them out. According to him, privacy was a “deeper issue” that will require “more than a couple of months and a couple of press releases would make”.

Apple has been strongly vocal in addressing users’ data privacy and security. Apple CEO, Tim Cook, claims that privacy is a “fundamental human right”. Facebook and Google have come under fire over the process of collecting data from their users. Google has since been making an effort to address user concerns.

Christian Woods
Christian Woods
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