Taika Waititi is returning to direct Chris Hemsworth in Thor 4

Things are definitely going as it should for the Thor franchise. The incredibly witty and talented Taika Waititi will be returning to pen the script and direct the fourth installment in the Thor franchise starring Chris Hemsworth.

Let’s face it, Thor: Ragnarok is arguably the best stand-alone film in the Marvel franchise. In fact, acclaimed director Quentin Tarantino thinks so too. The filmmaker had glowing words for Taika Waititi’s masterpiece saying “Actually, the last one I saw [in the Marvel movies] was ‘Ragnarok.’ I loved it. It was my favorite one of the series since ‘The Avengers’ – drastically my favorite.”

And while Hemsworth’s performance took a more light-hearted take on the deity of thunder, it was mostly Waikiki’s re-imagining of the character that receives credit for what a phenomenon the film has become. Although Thor: Ragnarok has been compared with Guardians of the Galaxy, it is one of the completely different movies in the MCU.

It only makes sense that Waikiki has signed on to write and direct the fourth film. A healthy number of Marvel fans would agree that without Waikiki, might as well abandon the fourth installment. The director, after all, paved the way to the franchise’s redemption after multiple outlets hailed the second film, Thor: Dark World, as Marvel’s worst film to date.

Thor: Dark World even spawned what many know now as one of Marvel’s worst villains, Malekith. On the other hand, its sequel spawned one of the best in the form of Thor’s sister Hela. I mean, who doesn’t want a Cate Blanchett performance in a film?

As for the fourth Thor movie, we’ll have to wait as Marvel hasn’t released any other details about the film’s production or release.

Samantha Rigby
Samantha Rigby
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