Sydney Morning Herald reports match-fixing allegations against Wallabies

A recent article from the Sydney Morning Herald has addressed match-fixing allegations from a Wallabies’ fixture several years ago. It is reported that several ‘high-ranking sporting officials’ are contacting RA regarding concerns of three Wallabies players. Supposedly, the three players in question still hold strong links with Australian rugby, meaning they could well be a part of the current squad or involved in some coaching capacity. It certainly isn’t a headline that Australian rugby fans want to be reading, particularly given the previous 12 months.

Rugby Australia’s response

Rugby Australia has hit back at the report, outlining that they had ‘seen no evidence’ suggesting that there had been any inappropriate gambling activities. In the article from the Sydney Morning Herald, the Herald argues that there was an investigation into the matter; however, the investigation amounted to nothing. Rugby Australia has again denied that any investigation ever occurred.

Details of the allegation

At this stage, there is still very little detail regarding the match in question. All that has been revealed is that the Wallabies were widely expected to win the Test fixture. Nonetheless, the specific match has not been formally identified.

The rival opposition were at attractive odds on most betting platforms. Likewise, the Wallabies reportedly lost the match because of several “strange” incidents, such as obvious forward passes, missing simple tackles and clear misdirection of kicks.

The Herald also reported that several of the players held a close relationship with a controversial horse racing identity and that the players were seen with the individual on several occasions. One experienced player was reportedly the leader and was experiencing financial difficulties.

As a result, the Herald has reported that a “top secret” investigation was announced because of concerns regarding the performances of several players who were usually seen as reliable on the field. The players in question were also involved in late-night incidents, which exacerbated concerns from some sporting officials.

Ultimately, Rugby Australia has continued to deny the allegations, citing a lack of evidence. Rugby Australia has reinforced that all allegations of match-fixing are handled with the utmost consideration and seriousness.

Christian Woods
Christian Woods
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