Staffer Caitlin Keage loses job over sexts

A senior staffer to the Prime Minister has lost her job as a result of posting explicit messages, between another MP and her ex-boyfriend, online.

The explicit texts were written between the ex-boyfriend Caitlin Keage, The Fair Trading Minister and Eleni Petinos, a NSW Liberal backbencher.

Caitlin Keage, a senior advisor to Malcolm Turnbull posted screenshots of the text messages online.

A spokesperson for the Prime Minister said that Ms Keage was “no longer working” for the PM, however, would not say whether or not she left voluntarily, was asked to leave, or, whether she was fired.

The texts are revealing, having taken place just after Christmas. Mr Kean messaged Ms Petinos one afternoon saying that he is “tempted to drive down to see you (Ms Petinos)”.

Eleni Petinos responds, “Miss me huh?”

Mr Kean then replies saying “really need to f**k you” and it is Ms Petinos who is swift to reply saying that he “has CK for that”.

Ms Petinos sent a text the next day and signed it off with “love you xx.”

It is believed that Caitlin Keage was a highly respected member of staff having worked in both policy and media roles since joining the Federal Coalition in 2010.

Ms Keage is said to be moving home to South Australia following the public revealing of the affair where she has previously worked for the Liberal Party on the state executive.

Matt Kean said that he was “deeply sorry…I wish her all the best” shortly after Caitlin Keage posted the screenshots online.

Gladys Berikijikilian, NSW Premier, has responded to the news of the text messages saying that she is “personally disappointed in him…but it is nonetheless a personal matter.”

Ms Petinos is strangely denying the allegations despite the clear and evident text messages posted by Caitlin Keage. In a statement that came not long after the scandal broke, Ms Petinos said that she was “saddened” to be drawn into the breakdown of the relationship.

A spokeswoman for Ms Petinos said that she will not be making any further comments regarding the matter.

The breakdown of the relationship follows an eventful start to the New Year with the Barnaby Joyce scandal and the consequential law that was introduced banning any sexual relations between members of parliament and staff.

The Liberal Party will no doubt be hoping that the scandals soon come to a halt.


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