SiDCOR’s unique approach to accounting explained

Accounting firms are numerous and far reaching. In such a diverse market, SiDCOR Chartered Accountants started by thinking about ‘why’ and successfully aligned themselves to that.

Differentiated from any other Australian accounting firm, SiDCOR have successfully established themselves as a reputable and effective option. SiDCOR uses a progressive and dynamic approach to accounting, with their aim to push beyond boundaries of what normal accounting firms would do and this really make a difference in client’s lives and their businesses.

SiDCOR does this through a network of professionally trained and trusted employees. Each employee can mentor and confide clients with business and wealth creation knowledge. SiDCOR can offer these services because they actively support staff to align themselves to the company core values.

Helping them to understand the ‘why’ of the business and grow into their potential. Employees are encouraged to wake up feeling inspired and then feel fulfilled at the end of each workday; to find that personal drive. Staff pride themselves on their efficient client focused service.

SiDCOR also promotes this with a healthy work environment, voted as the ‘Third Best Place to Work in Australia’ in BRW Awards. They have established a business where accountants want to come and work.

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Every business needs their target market, and SiDCOR aims to help small medium enterprises (SME’s). With each of these SME’s business and personal asset protection is highly emphasized. In meeting these needs, SiDCOR targets seven focus areas: tax, protection, cashflow, profits, growth, wealth, and creating sound exit strategies for retirement.

SiDCOR has continued to expand from its head office in Newcastle with other offices in Cairns and throughout Queensland in the Gold Coast, Port Douglas and Mossman area. Each of these branches have specific expertise on local business environments.

Situated in the far north areas of Queensland, the Port Douglas and Cairns offices have a rich knowledge of the agricultural, construction, hospitality and tourism industries. Local insight into the region provides clients with excellent advice to meet their business needs.

With all these excellent benefits, how is SiDCOR able to provide all this extra value? SiDCOR begins by orientating itself with strong customer service. Three major qualified points of contact are provided for all clients: a managing director who provides the overall structure and strategy for all work, the client director who coordinates this plan, and finally an accountant who is personally assigned to handle all your ongoing financial work.

SiDCOR’s unique approach to accounting explained
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Understanding that regular communication with clients relevant to their business and financial life is critical. All services are super convenient with staff handling taxation issues directly with the ATO (Australian Taxation Office). Daily assistance via phone calls or email are free of charge. Additionally, any calls, emails and requests for information, is all promptly responded to in a timely manner and within a set time frame of one business day.

With all these secure communication channels, clients are given security and peace of mind. They can safely understand that everything is done right. Clear fixed price quoting is given before beginning any work with a clearly set time-frame for the delivery of all work performed. SiDCOR is proud of its roots as charted accountants and always guarantees that you will legally pay the least amount of tax possible (tax minimisation) when working with them.

SiDCOR understands that the individuality of owners is exemplified in their personal business. As taken from the company’s stated values, SiDCOR provides proactive advice, assistance and recommendations in the following key areas:

  1. Growing your business
  2. Increasing the profitability of your business
  3. Improving the cash flow in your business
  4. Ensuring personal and business assets are properly protected
  5. Creating wealth and asset allocation
  6. Succession or sale of your business and retirement planning
  7. Being financially organised

SiDCOR’s ultimate aim is to assist in the strategic planning of a businesses, helping to take them to the next level. This firm’s culture and approach to financial management are both worth studying by business owners and aspiring accountants alike.

Christian Woods
Christian Woods
Christian is a morning reporter and technology columnist for Best in Australia. Christian has worked in the media since 2000, in a range of locations. He joined Best in Australia in 2018, and began working in Melbourne in 2019.
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