Sarah Hyland is on the road to recovery after 4 days in the hospital

After being confined for a lengthy 4 days for an unknown illness, Sarah Hyland has been discharged from the hospital.

Doctors reportedly could not figure out what had caused Hyland’s health issues.

The star of ABC’s Modern Family took to Instagram to express gratitude for fans who wished her well during her stay in the hospital. She went on to explain that she still hasn’t figured out what was going on with her body.

In her Instagram story, Hyland said:

“Long story short, I went in because I was feeling like I was being choked from whatever’s in the house,” she said Monday night adding the she “couldn’t breathe” and was suffering from “chest pains”.

“And then I was like, maybe it’s just a coincidence, maybe there’s something actually medically wrong with me. So I went to the ER after a very long day of work with lots of makeup on, and I just got home, from Friday night.”

Hyland revealed that the doctors couldn’t provide a ‘scientific explanation” regarding the cause of her breathing issues.

“They ran multiple tests, multiple times, and there’s nothing physically wrong with me. So. Wonder why I was there…,” the actress said.

Hyland had been struggling with health issues for years. The actress has undergone multiple surgeries due to kidney dysplasia and endometriosis. She has had two kidney transplants in the past few years.

The actress has opened up in an interview with SELF about her health revealing that she has had 16 surgeries in her lifetime.

Laura Ebeling
Laura Ebeling
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