7 Reasons why you must have postnatal recovery shorts

What is the first thing to cross your mind when you think about pregnancy? A fantastic maternity photoshoot at exotic locations and your cute little newborn in your hands after a few months, right?  Apart from that, thoughts like “Will I be able to get back into shape?” or “What should I eat during pregnancy?” or “What should I wear?” are also common questions in the mind of mothers around the world.

While you need to figure out the photoshoot and its locations on your own, we can help you gain some useful insights about recovery after caesarean section. Just like the care during pregnancy, recovering from it is equally demanding. Both your and your child’s health depends a great deal on how well you recover after pregnancy.

Amongst the many products available to help you, we will discuss postnatal recovery shorts in this article. Dig right into the details without further ado!

What are postnatal recovery shorts?

Postnatal recovery shorts resemble your usual bike shorts in appearance, but they are crafted to provide a healthy compression to your body. Women can also wear similar-looking shorts during pregnancy to reduce the discomfort during the last few months, however, pregnancy compression shorts and postnatal compression recovery shorts are very different. Postnatal recovery shorts are specially designed to provide the comfort and support that is needed while recovering from pregnancy and childbirth.

Research also shows that postnatal recovery shorts can help reduce urinary incontinence and uterine prolapse experienced to some extent by some women postpartum. They serve more than one purpose, and one should give it a go after a thorough discussion about wearing them with their health care professional.

Please have a look at the reasons that make them so useful.

1. Fit for purpose

Postnatal recovery shorts are made for a purpose, and they are fit for it. The main aim behind making these compression garments was to help women overcome postpartum difficulties. Your body needs a break from the pain after childbirth. The compression provided by these shorts helps alleviate the pain up to an extent. Some brands also make these shorts after consulting healthcare professionals such as obstetricians. These experts help create clothes that deliver what is claimed.

2. Designed to support

These shorts were specifically designed to provide anatomical support. Postnatal recovery shorts come with anatomically targeted support panels that provide comfort during movement. Each fabric layer in these shorts is cut on a different plane to contain compression during movement. You can wear them during exercise or leisure alike. They will support your lower back, and pelvic floor muscles likewise postpartum recovery shorts can reduce issues related to these regions.

3. Friendly and lasting fabric

The kind of fabric with which postnatal shorts are made is a deciding factor in providing you with the needed relief. They come in a range of fabric options to choose from. The best compression shorts should be able to provide compression and support without obstructing your mobility. They must in fact help improve your mobility and pelvic floor musculature function after childbirth. Keep this in mind the next time you go for buying postnatal recovery shorts. Choose the fabric that feels comfortable and does not restrict you in any way.

4. Different than others

The regular shorts often fail to work on your postnatal body. They are either too tight or too loose. Their material also might wear out after a few washes. But since postnatal recovery shorts are designed and manufactured, keeping in mind the needs of your postpartum body, they will be different than others. The fabric does not lose its stretchability after a few initial washes and lasts longer. They will be as comfortable to you as your skin. You need to select the right size, and your doctor or physiotherapist can help you with that.

5. Medical grade compression

Regular shorts not only fail to last as long or be as useful as the specifically designed postnatal shorts; they also often fail to provide the compression needed. Yes, there is a right compression level and a wrong compression too! Who knew, right? But the proper medical-grade compression will compliment your body, and you can wear those shorts for longer durations. Some women also sleep wearing them. But the wrong compression might rob you of the capability to perform routine activities and raise issues that weren’t there in the first place. There is a difference between shapewear and medical-grade compression wear. Talk to your doctor, and they can guide you more about it.

6. Sans irritative material

Because they are for recovery, their design does not include any material that can irritate your skin. Materials such as metal hooks, Velcro, zips, clips, or those shiny buttons that make you run for life after a few minutes into wearing, are all left out. They are skin-friendly and do what needs to be done. High-quality postpartum recovery shorts do not require frequent readjustments as regular shorts. Hence, the adjustment equipment can be subtracted to make these shorts nothing but comforting.

7. Multifunctional garment

Mind well, just because these shorts target comfort, it does not make them boring! They are multifunctional and can be worn for any purpose ranging from hitting the gym to sleeping. Women wear postnatal shorts day in and day out. As already mentioned, you can also sleep wearing them. There are no bars to their utility. Wherever you decide to wear them, these shorts will gently be supporting you in all the activities you intend to do. Just pair them with the right top, and you are good to go!


Postnatal recovery shorts are a significant technological breakthrough that helps provide relief to new mums. They support your movements and reduce the pressure on the pelvic floor. Postnatal recovery shorts makes recovering from vaginal or caesarean-section childbirth easier. Ask your doctor or physiotherapist about selecting the right brand and size for you. Share your experience of wearing these shorts with others. We hope you found this article useful!

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