Ray J and Princess Love back together after divorce threats

Ray J and Princess Love have been working things out after a chaotic last week and a half.

TMZ reported that the couple have allegedly reconciled and a source close to the situation has told them that the apparent divorce threats are now off the table and are now planning to go into couple’s therapy to iron out the situation.

Multiple media outlets have reported about the drama surrounding the couple when Ray J posted a now-deleted post of his wife and daughter Melody on the Soul Train awards by BET back on November 17.

The Shade Room, an Instagram account reported that Princess commented on her husband’s post saying that the rapper left her and their daughter stranded in Las Vegas. Ray J also apparently blocked any of Princess’s calls and was irate after seeing him post a family photo of them together.

Ray J posted an Instagram video in response, denying his wife’s allegations. He then went on to dispute Princess’s decision to air out and post their personal issues publicly on social media. Ray J went on to explain that people get into arguments and that the smaller stuff you can work out in private. He then apologized for his part of the fiasco. The television personality went on to say that this is not what they should be doing because they have another bun in the oven.

Princess then replied to Ray J’s video saying that his husband needs to practice what he preaches in one of her Instagram stories. Another scathing Instagram story post stated that if they were indeed there the whole time, why would he miss their baby.

New development on the story claims that a close friend to the couple now has said that some of the things reported regarding the issue between the couple are untrue including them getting back together. New reports have now stated that the two are not back together. A close friend to the couple has said that they are indeed in communication with one another about their daughter and Princess’s pregnancy and nothing else.

This ‘close friend’ also says that the couple does not have a reality TV show on the works after the two was reportedly getting a Love & Hip Hop: Miami spinoff. Now, take the narrative of this alleged ‘close friend’ with a grain of salt since the couple has been working on something because that’s the reason why they started the Las Vegas drama in the first place.

Of course, as any reality shows go, the two have to pretend that they are not back together to get people to watch their new show because everyone knows drama is the top seller in any reality television show.

Alain Ang
Alain Ang
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