Top qualities to look for in a mural artist in Sydney

A mural can be a great way to brighten up any space, from a residential property to a commercial space. No matter what tone you want to set in the environment, a professional and qualified mural artist in Sydney can arrange to create a beautiful artwork that will captivate you for years to come.

It is important to know, before you begin the process, that the painter you hire will be able to create an artwork that is to your liking. These are some of the top qualities that a mural artist in Sydney should have that will give you the confidence that they can do the job well.

Top qualities to look for in a mural artist in Sydney

They went to art school

One of the first indicators of a qualified mural artist in Sydney is that they have received adequate artistic education. While art school isn’t always everything, hiring someone who has been educated in the field that they are working in is always a bonus.

An education will give them an extensive knowledge of theory and will also have allowed them to practice and refine their skills. A highly trained mural artist such as this is more likely to have a unique and interesting style that will best suit your space.

They have a portfolioA top quality mural by a Sydney mural artist.

Another important thing to consider is their past work. Every mural artist in Sydney has a distinct style and specialises in different mediums. Decide what vibe you want to create in the space where you plan to have your design and choose a painter that matches that.

Looking through a portfolio of the painter’s previous work is a great way to get a sense of what they might create for you and how it will be received by your community. Take your time to have a look through and get inspired about the design they might create for you.

They work well with their clients

While unique style is important for a mural artist in Sydney to have, it is also important that they are able to work with you to customise a design that suits your vision. While some artists may be prone to enforcing their own individual vision on a space, this might not be what you want.

If you have a more specific vision that you would prefer for a painter to adhere to, it is important to hire one that is able to work with you on this and develop a project that you are both happy with.

They are recommended by othersA Sydney mural artist quality mural on a wall.

The final quality that a top mural artist in Sydney should have is recommendations from previous clients and good reviews about their work ethic and the quality of their final product. Reviews and recommendations are a great resource when selecting your final choice of mural artist.

Particularly if you are tossing up between a few final candidates, the recommendations from their previous clients can be the final advice you need to make your decision. You can read recommendations online, ask around for advice from others in the community, or even search for the creator of a particular piece that you have already seen and liked.


When making the decision to hire someone to create a beautiful eye-catching mural for your space, there are several considerations to make. These are just some of the things to consider and can be particularly helpful when narrowing down your final options. The main thing to keep in mind is style and work ethic. The combination of these two factors will ensure that you find the best painter available.

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