The power of trophies in the corporate and sporting world

Any and every person revolves around the cycle of appreciation. Let’s understand the same in a simple manner: if you are a passionate employee in a management firm; somehow you expect your colleagues, and especially your seniors to recognise you as a potential employee in the firm. And quite honestly, nothing is wrong with that!

If you are good at something, your skills must be appreciated. It does not only work in corporate but also works as a source of inspiration and enthusiasm for kids in schools or artists in the industry. Inspiration is highly justified with the classic choice of trophies presented to the talents.

How can trophies change the outlook of an employee?

The human nature acts really funny sometimes. Somewhere we all believe that we must show the best of our skills only when it is appreciated.

For an instance, if you are a fantastic singer, you might not want to show off your talent in your office. But the minute you will hear an announcement of the singing competition in your office, you will be the first person to register.

So ask yourself: why did you do that? Well, the answer is quite straightforward: you knew you will be appreciated on that platform! Somewhere you knew you might be awarded a trophy or prize for your talent! And to be honest, it’s because of the trophies and appreciation from the audience that led you to this decision.

Trophies can go a long way in enhancing your experience of victory. You will be able to relate to the situation where you gaze at the trophies in your room that makes you feel really proud of yourself when you were awarded and what you achieved.

It can be anything: best dancer, singer, employee and so many other tags; but the feeling of pride is realised even if you look at that trophy after 10 years. So the whole point is trophies can really make you feel the same essence of pride that you felt in that moment when you were rewarded with the same.

Why are trophies important?

As mentioned before, people like to showcase their talent where they know they will be appreciated. Considering an example of a talented individual who is a skilled salsa dancer! He might be working as an investment banker in a bank where showcasing salsa dance is not really that significant.

In the same way, when he is performing on the stage, people don’t bother about his investing skills and knowledge. Living two different lives, in a nutshell, is an amazing experience for him. And getting rewarded with a trophy for both dimensions is what makes him grow in both the fields.

It’s the appreciation and remarks from people that help you move forward with tangent skills and opportunities to grab admiration. Consider any type of industry: from education to corporate, trophies are considered as well deserved element of pride that every talented individual should achieve.

And why not! The only element that diverges them from other individuals is their talent! And trophies are a perfect element of consideration to present to such talents.

The anatomy of competition is a known segment of different industries. Whether its sports or corporate, every extraordinary individual must be rewarded for their skills. Speaking of trophies, there are many types that serve the dimension in the most exclusive manner.

Some of the popular types are:

Corporate awards

The highest quality is served by many types of different materials like crystal, chrome, stainless steel, timber, acrylic, and glass.

Sports awards

The most popular type of sports trophies is engraving segment. Under this category, the name of the sportsman and country engraved on the trophy.

In order to serve the quality, there are several companies serving a range of different trophies. Such trophies are an extraordinary piece of art which is engraved as per the requirement of the client.

Trophies are a popular choice of reward which does not share the reflection of hard work that an individual puts forward, but can be considered as an element to augment the victorious experience.

Outstanding skills and talent are best rewarded by an element of appreciation. And appreciation is best reflected in different types of trophies awarded to astonishing individuals.

Zac Fyffe
Zac Fyffe
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