Popular baby boy names and their meanings

Naming your baby can be one of the toughest decisions you make as you don’t just want to pick something arbitrary, but something that you feel will really suit them and, in some way, define the person they will become. When it comes to naming male children, countries in the anglosphere (UK, Australia, Canada, United States) tend towards names with a strong ending syllable (like ‘m’ or ‘n’) and have meanings that imply traits like leadership, strength, piety and compassion.

As you may already know, many classical male names are inspired by religious figures (such as Saint Peter, Saint Andrew, Saint Mary etc.) and were originally chosen as a means of imparting said religious figures’ traits onto the child. Since Saint Peter is known for generosity and kindness, a parent might intend to encourage these traits in their son by naming them Peter.

Of course, as society becomes less religious, names that began with a religious origin are no longer chosen for those reasons. Names like Peter and Andrew have transcended their origins and are used widely by non-religious families.

In essence, a name should be more than the sum of its parts and become synonymous with the identity of a unique individual. Even if a name has no inherent cultural, spiritual or philosophical meaning, it will develop meaning through the actions of its bearer.

With that said, let’s take a look at the current most popular baby boy names and their meanings.

Baby boy names and meanings:

Boy Name Name Origin Boy Name Meaning Variations ; Derivative Names
Jack English diminutive form of John John, Jackson
Oliver English Elf Army originally from Germanic: Alfhere
James English Supplanter originally from Hebrew: Jacob
Joshua Hebrew God is Salvation
William English Strong-willed Warrior Will, Bill, Willie, Liam
Samuel Hebrew His Name is God Sam, Samual, Sameul
Liam Irish Strong-willed Warrior form of William
Benjamin English Son of My Right Hand Ben; (Hebrew) Benjamen, Benjamim
Daniel Hebrew God is My Judge Dan
Thomas Greek A Twin Tom
Lucas Greek from Lucania Lukas
Riley Irish Descendant of Roghallach Rylee, Ryleigh, Ryley, Rileigh
Ryan Irish King
Ethan Hebrew Firm, Strong Ethen
Jacob Hebrew Supplanter Jakob
Noah Hebrew Rest, Peace
Hunter English One Who Hunts
Max Latin Greatest Maxx, deriv.of Maximillian or Maxwell
Alexander Greek Defender of the People Alessandro, Alexzander
Jayden American form of Jaden Jaden
Connor Irish Wolf Lover Conner, Conor, Konnor, Konner
Matthew English Gift of God Mathew, Mattew; Greek form: Matthias
Cooper English Barrel Maker
Tyler English Tile Maker Tylor
Blake English Pale Blond One or Dark
Isaac Hebrew He will Laugh Isaak, Issac
Dylan Welsh Son of the Sea Dillan, Dillon, Dylin
Lachlan Scottish from the Land of Lakes Locklan
Luke Greek from Lucania Luc
Logan Irish From the Hollow
Caleb Hebrew Rage like a Dog Kaleb, Kalib
Joseph Hebrew God will Increase Joesph, Joeseph
Charlie English Free Man Charlee, Charley, Charli, Charles
Xavier Latin The New House Xzavier
George Greek Farmer Georgie, Gorge
Levi Hebrew Joined in Harmony
Jackson English Son of Jack Jaxson
Nathan Hebrew He Gave Nathen
Michael Hebrew Who is like God? Mike
Oscar Irish Deer Lover
Harry English Army Ruler deriv. of Henry or Harold
Harrison English Son of Harry
Toby English God is Good Tobiah, Tobias
Alex English Defender of the People short form of Alexander
Jake Hebrew Supplanter short form of Jacob
Jesse Hebrew Gift Jessy
Cameron Scottish Bent Nose Camaron, Cameryn, Camron
Leo Italian Lion
Ashton English Ash Tree Town
Finn Irish Fair Fynn
Jordan Hebrew to Flow Down Jordyn, Jordin, Jorden, Jordon
Luca Italian person from Lucania Lucca
Jamie English Supplanter Jaimie, Jamiee, Jaymee, Jaymi
Mason French Stone Worker Masen
Cody English Descendant of Oda Codey, Codie
Sam Hebrew His Name is God deriv. of Samuel
John Hebrew God is Gracious Jhon
Elijah Hebrew The Lord is My God
Seth Hebrew Appointed
David Hebrew Beloved Dave
Henry German Ruler of the Home Henri, Hank
Aiden Irish Little Fire Ayden, Aydan, Aydin, Aedan, Aidyn
Zachary Hebrew God has Remembered Zachery, Zackary, Zackery
Kingston English from the King’s Town
Joel Hebrew God will be Willing
Angus Scottish One Strength
Flynn Irish Descendant of the Red-haired Man
Carter English Driver of a Cart Karter
Charles German Free Man
Lincoln English from the Lake Settlement
Sebastian Greek Venerable Sabastian, Sebastien
Hamish Scottish Supplanter form of James
Aidan Irish Little Fire Ayden, Aden, Aydin, Aedan, Aidyn
Nicholas Greek Victory of the People Nicolas, Nickolas, Nikolas
Reuben Hebrew Behold, a Son
Phoenix Greek Blood Red
Adam Hebrew Of the Earth biblical: the first created man
Callum Scottish Dove
Quinn Irish Descendent of Conn
Ben English Son of My Right Hand Benjamin
Gabriel Hebrew God is My Strength
Hayden English from the Hay Downs Haden, Haiden, Haydan
Felix Latin Happy and Prosperous
Tyson English Firebrand; Son of Denis Tycen
Mitchell American Who is like God? form of Michael
Ryder English Knight, Mounted Warrior Rider
Cole English Victory of the People Khole
Christian English Follower of Christ Cristian
Zion Hebrew Israel Zyien, Zyon
Chase English Hunter Chace, Chauncey
Edward English Wealthy Guardian Ted, Eddie, Ed
Andrew Greek Manly
Roman English from Rome, Italy
Troy Greek Water ; Foot Soldier
Austin English Great Austen, Austyn; short for Augustine
Tristan Welsh Tumult Tristen, Tristin, Trystan, Triston
Christopher Greek Christ-bearer Christoph, Cristopher
Louis German Famed Warrior
Brooklyn American Borough of New York
Hugo German Bright in Mind and Spirit Hugh
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