Physician Yuben Moodley explains why it is such a bad idea to avoid visiting the doctor

When it comes to bad ideas, avoiding a doctor’s office visit is at the top of the list. Whether it be anxiety-related, fear of bad news, or out-of-the-way, there are many various reasons why so many people skip out on doctor appointments.

However, failing to regularly see a physician can have its detrimental downfalls, such as missing a severe health issue early in its development.

Yuben Moodley is a dedicated physician, researcher, and Associate Professor of Respiratory Medicine. Dr. Moodley’s areas of expertise include asthma, lung cancer, lung diseases, lung tumors, and sleeping disorders. Below, he explains several reasons as to why is it such a bad idea to avoid seeing a physician.

Why you shouldn’t avoid seeing a physician:

Failure to catch an issue early on

When people avoid visiting their doctor for routine visits, they have a higher risk of suffering from illness or disease that could be caught in its early stages. For those who have a family history of diabetes, high cholesterol, heart disease, cancer, or any other primary disease, it is crucial to keep an eye out for signs. A doctor can help keep track of your health by suggesting the appropriate screening tests.

Failure to break a bad experience

Taking the time to create a relationship with a physician is vital in breaking any terrible experience keeping a doctor’s appointment at bay. A great patient-physician relationship is one of the most beneficial, unique, and positive experiences a person can have when it comes to addressing health. Unfortunately, choosing to avoid a doctor’s appointment will prevent the opportunity of ever finding such a relationship.

Failure to solve an ongoing issue

Skipping out on the doctor’s might lead to unresolved health issues. Those who find themselves progressively short of breath as they grow older or gaining weight without realization would benefit from a professional opinion regarding how to solve these common health issues that come with age. Insomnia runs high around the world, and sometimes a restless night of sleep is more severe than blaming the extra cup of coffee from the day before. Not addressing chronic sleep disorder can lead to more severe long-standing issues such as hypertension, diabetes, and depression. A professional health care provider can help identify the valid reasons for instances like lack of sleep.

Failure to prevent

Create a checks and balances system for your body to keep everything in check by monitoring basic vital signs such as heart rate and blood pressure. Though routine medical costs or insurance might seem like a high cost from the beginning, preventing other more serious health issues will save any bank account at the end of the day. In addition, practicing peace of mind with your health should not always stem from a visit to WebMD. In fact, further looking into health issues online opens the door to unneeded worry or fear. The internet covers health issues in a generic sense, while a doctor’s visit is a personalized overview and evaluation.

To say the least, Yuben Moodley shares the same opinion as many doctors do regarding dodging a day with a physician: don’t avoid visiting the doctor.

About Yuben Moodley

Dr. Yuben Moodley is a physician, scientist, and associate professor of respiratory medicine. He is devoted to providing high-quality patient care, conducting cell and molecular research, and teaching. He is the head of the Stem Cell Unit at the Lung Institute of Western Australia, Consultant Respiratory Physician at Royal Perth Hospital, and Associate Professor of Respiratory Medicine at the University of Western Australia.

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