Paul Rudd on tackling two roles in “Living with Yourself”

Paul Rudd has had his fair share of playing average guy roles while managing to take these to the next level. With his on-screen charm and acting chops, Rudd managed to make a name for himself. The actor is known for his starring roles in the Ant-Man movies, appearing regularly in comedy films and for his television appearances.

Now, we’re getting twice as much from the actor as he portrays two sides of the same coin in Netflix’s “Living with Yourself.” While viewers are familiar with Rudd and his work on the small screen, the actor bagged his first starring series role on the show.

In Living with Yourself the 50-year-old tackles the role of Miles Elliott. His character faces the struggles of a marriage that’s falling apart, fertility issues and a career he’s not sure of. After one of his co-workers suggested that he take a visit to a spa, unusual events take place and he ends up staggering home. Once he gets there he finds an idealized clone of himself getting friendly with his wife Kate who is played by Aisling Bea.

“I thought the idea of getting to play two parts would be challenging and fun,” he told USA Today of the role. “I haven’t done that before.”

“The differences had to be subtle,” the actor said, pointing out that the two Miles are actually on opposite ends of a spectrum. “Essentially, I’m playing someone who’s just born, in a way. He has all of these memories, but he’s truly experiencing things for the first time. So there’s a level of optimism or wide-eyed approach to everything,” Rudd explained.

Ben Hornery
Ben Hornery
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