Owner of SwiftClean Jacob Martinez speaks on his cleaning business

Jacob Martinez is dedicated to provide Los Angeles with the best and most reliable cleaning service it deserves. Jacobs plans in creating the best cleaning service is coming to fruition with the implementation of newer technology into his business as well as showing great customer service for his clients.

Jacob speaks about his cleaning service SwiftClean and why it is one of the best cleaning services in Los Angeles. His website SwiftClean provides an insight into his business and allows you to book his cleaning services online.

Jacob answered some questions on his business, SwiftClean.

How is SwiftClean different from other cleaning companies?

There are many cleaning companies that you can hire in Los Angeles. However, a lot of these companies are out dated and unreliable. Most of them do not have any technology implemented in their companies that could help them be more efficient. SwiftClean, is different from other cleaning services in Los Angeles.

We are transparent in all of our operations. We have vetted cleaners who are competent and professional in the field of cleaning with many years of experience. You can easily book an appointment online on our website. Our booking form is simple and convenient.

As a residential cleaning service, how would you assure to your customers that your company can be trusted?

Some cleaning companies cannot be trusted. This is because a lot of companies don’t have a proper vetting system in place for new cleaners. This can be detrimental. It is important that you hire a cleaning service that you can trust so that you can have peace of mind.

At SwiftClean we conduct a background check on all of our cleaners before hiring them. Once we do our background check, we only hire 1% of the cleaners to work with us. Our cleaners usually have many years of experiences and references. Having this vetting system in place has allowed us to have a company with some of the best house cleaners in Los Angeles.

What made you want to create a cleaning business?

There are a few reasons why we decided to start a cleaning business in LA. First and foremost, we saw a gap in the market. There were many cleaning companies that were outdated and had no technology implemented in their businesses. A lack of technology causes a lack of efficiency and can result in a bad customer experience.

Most of these customers end up wasting their money and become hesitant to using cleaning services with other companies. We knew that if we could provide the best cleaning services possible to our clients, there would be no other option but us for customers. Anytime a past customer is in need of services again, we want to be the only company that comes to mind.

We also saw the need to offer online booking services so our customers could book a house clean as easy as they could order an Uber. In today’s economy, a business needs to offer customers many different ways to make a purchase. Our customers can book through our website, phone, chat, or email!

What are some of the biggest obstacles you have faced as a cleaning service?

Challenges will always exist in every business. Our company is not an exception. There are a few challenges that we have encountered while growing. One of these challenges is creating new systems while scaling.

There are many moving parts in a business that need to be optimized so that customers can get the best cleaning service experience. This has made us invest heavily in technology in order to have a business that runs smoothly at scale.

The learning curve for new technologies can be steep. However, our team has done a great job of adopting new technology that improves the customer experience.

In relation to SwiftClean, what services do you offer?

At SwiftClean we have choose to focus strictly on residential services. We clean homes, apartments, and condos in Los Angeles. We offer Standard Cleaning packages and Deep Cleaning Packages. Deep Cleans are great for moving in or out of a new home. Our Standard Cleaning Packages are also very thorough.

All of our cleaners have the right tools that can help us clean the various parts of your home. A detailed list of what’s included in our cleans can be found on our website. Choosing to focus on only residential cleaning services has allowed us to become experts in our industry.

How has your services changed from its early beginnings?

At SwiftClean we started as an employee based company. We noticed that most cleaners in Los Angeles and Southern California are not looking for full-time positions with a company. Most of them already have their own customers and just want some extra cleaning jobs on the side to fill their schedules.

We decided to switch to using contractors. This has offered a lot more flexibility to our cleaners. As a business owner, I was not sure if this was best for our company to make this big of a pivot in our business model. But it’s what our cleaners wanted. We listened to them and haven’t looked back since!

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