Outsourcing Philippines: Tech Support

The Philippines has seen consistent growth in its Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) as well as its tech industry. The country is chock full of young, educated, and driven people in its workforce, which has helped it in both sectors. With 90% of its population under the age of 55, the country has an ample labour pool.

“Outsourcing is done for several reasons across multiple industries, but it almost always boils down to the same set of factors. Companies are looking for a young, smart workforce that specialises in a specific process and can do it better and at a cheaper rate,” says Ralf Ellspermann, CEO of PITON-Global, an award-winning outsourcing provider in the Philippines. PITON-Global specialises in premium tech support solutions for SMEs in Australia, the UK and US.

The Southeast Asian nation is a developing country with a growing talent pool and economy. Some believe that the tech industry is the Philippines’ ticket to the first world, and the booming BPO industry seems to be a strong indicator that that is the case.

“Everything we do in today’s world is centered around technology. Computer sciences and the technology industry, in general, have grown at an exponential rate. And while this is glorious, it also creates a world full of complex problems. Forty years ago, members of the upper class were lucky to have personal computers. Today, we all carry them in our pockets on a two-minute walk to the corner store,” says Ellspermann.

“Complex technical problems in a fast-paced world create a demand for these problems to be solved yesterday. This creates the need for on-demand tech support. Companies are looking for 24/7, cost-effective, streamlined, and expert technical support. And for this, the Philippines is the perfect fit,” he adds.

The Philippines has a booming outsourcing industry and a creative, tech-minded workforce. Aside from the youth, talent, and cost of its workforce, the Philippines has a multitude of factors that amplify its ability to be a leader in BPO. Filipinos have had 20 years of practice and development to perfect this business. They have built out the infrastructure to handle the requirements, and they have governmental support, which creates a cohesive move into the future of the country. And hey, with the growing global demand for outsourced tech support services, why wouldn’t everyone be on board?

The advantages of outsourcing technical support requirements, for instance, to the Philippines are plentiful. “Technology is both vital and fickle,” says Ellspermann. It is amazing that with the ease and power of our technology, we can have complete meltdowns when these incredible machines falter for even a short period of time. Regardless, when it happens, people want support. They want their problem fixed immediately, no matter the day or time.

Outsourcing providers such as PITON-Global in Manila, Philippines, offer industry-leading, 24/7 support solutions. For a lot of companies, the cost of running a customer support operation in-house is not feasible, and for a customer with a tech issue at 9:00 p.m., calling a toll free number only to find out it is outside of business hours will not suffice. Having award-winning outsourced tech support in the Philippines does not blow your budget, and simultaneously it will not blow your customer’s temper.

“Communication is another important factor in this process. All the expert knowledge and information will be useless to the customer if they cannot understand it. Around 20% of the world speaks English, so it’s fair to say that English proficiency is an important linguistic skill for a tech support company to have,” says Ellspermann.

“Tech Support is really an extension of customer service. When your customer has a problem, they are looking for an immediate fix. By having an expert, dedicated, outsourced help desk, you are ensuring high levels of customer satisfaction, which can only be good for business,” he adds.

The Southeast Asian nation remains both an outsourcing destination on the rise and a country with a hunger for more. The outsourcing industry in the Philippines has helped the economy blossom, and Filipinos continue to build valued skill sets and join this workforce in a process they have been perfecting. But perfection is a process, and Filipinos have shown resolve in their chase to be the best. We can be sure, though, that this is outsourced tech support we can all count on. So, why wouldn’t you outsource your tech support requirements to the Philippines?

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