Opening of “world’s largest gun store” in Christchurch sparks outrage from residents

‘Gun City’ claims to be the “world’s largest gun store” and is opening a branch in Christchurch, New Zealand where 51 people were killed in a terrorist attack. The man accused of being responsible for the shootings bought weapons he used from the said store.

The gun megastore is planning to open a branch in the South Island city according to multiple media outlets. Concerns about the store opening in the proposed site had been raised by residents who are left feeling upset prior to the store’s opening in August.

Speaking to the NZ Herald Harry Singh, a local resident, says of the issue, “No one told us that there was a Gun City coming to the area. They should have at least informed us before, or they should have taken public opinion.”

The new store will reportedly take up 300 sq meters or 3,229 sq ft of space. “We had such a big incident in New Zealand with guns and I don’t think many people will be very comfortable to have guns around their homes, in a residential area,” Singh said recalling the shooting incident back in March.

The gun retailer’s opening in August is just months away from the shooting that left dozens of people injured and 51 dead at the Al Noor Mosque. It is recorded as New Zealand’s worst peacetime mass shooting.

David Tipple, the owner of Gun City, went on to tell Radio New Zealand that he felt sorry for the concerns raised about the new store but he is “willing and happy to introduce those persons to the positives of firearms”.

Danny Manly
Danny Manly
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