Olivia Wilde on the “astonishing” awards buzz around “Booksmart”

Olivia Wilde finds it “sort of astonishing” that her feature film debut Booksmart has been gaining awards buzz since it premiered last year.

Booksmart has earned a nomination for the Best First Feature category at the Film Independent Spirit Awards. Wilde spoke to Variety about the nod during the Nominees Brunch on Saturday.

“I feel so proud that we get to be included in that bunch and with the spirit of independent film and, you know, labors of love, which all of these movies are, and to be recognized as first feature, that is truly a recognition of someone who everyone else took a chance on. … I keep thinking, ‘Wow, I’m here because a bunch of people took a risk on me.’ And that feels really cool.”

Despite its less than commendable performance on the box office, Booksmart received critical praise. Wilde’s debut film is an unfortunate case of good movies failing to attract audiences. Booksmart made it to Business Insider’s list of great 2019 movies that flopped at the box office. Included in the list is Late Night starring Mindy Kaling and Emma Thompson.

On the other hand, Booksmart’s breakout star Beanie Feldstein was nominated for the best actress award at the 77th Golden Globes.

“I mean Beanie is astonishing in everything, but I’m deeply proud of what she did in ‘Booksmart.’ And it is such a departure. That character is truly such a departure from her personality. It’s even more of a feat than people realize,” Wilde said about the nomination.

Samantha Rigby
Samantha Rigby
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