Night-time sexual assaulter pleads guilty to serial sexual assault charges

A man who sexually assaulted several women over a nine-month period in 2016 at night has confessed to his crimes.

Jean Barbarin, serial sexual assault predator, confessed to five indecent assault charges last Thursday in Central Local Court.

Barbarin would often attack his victims during the night-time and only attacked women who were by themselves. Barbarin’s home was a street away from his ‘hunting ground’, hence he was highly familiar with the area.

A catering manager in the day-time, Barbarin often attacked victims around the University of New South Wales and its neighbouring suburbs of Kingsford and Randwick after work.

With his first attack falling on the 5th of April, Barbarin carried out his serial sex crimes frequently until February 2017, assaulting even as much as three victims over the period of a week and a half.

He was apprehended last November and denied bail on the grounds that he was a community danger and has since been held in custody at a detention centre in Silverwater.

Barbarin’s first attack was on a middle-aged woman who had been walking to her parked car from the UNSW campus.

Police reports Barbarin forcing her arms to the sides of her body and covering her mouth with his hand before performing the indecent assault on her.

Barbarin ambushed another victim later in December, this time a younger student of UNSW in Kingsford.

Reports detail that Barbarin had forced the 25 year old against a wall before sexually assaulting her.

Barbarin also assaulted two victims as young as 18 years of age, students of UNSW who had been walking home in Randwick at the time of the act.

A 21 year old lady also became a victim of the assaults while walking on a Kingsford Street.

CCTV footage of the many sex crimes showed Barbarin wearing the same outfit of a hat with a camouflage style as well as a blue jumper. He also wore sunglasses.

A court meeting occurring last year saw the Frenchman described as a loving and caring father of one.

Barbarin’s lawyer at the time Philip Beazley provided the defence that the accused had been heavily under the influence of substances at the time of the crimes, and hence should be considered mentally unhealthy for legal proceedings.

Last Thursday, Les Mabbutt, Magistrate of the Local Court, accepted the guilty pleas of the accused on the five charges and refused his bail.

Barbarin will remain in custody until his sentence on the 6th of April.

Christian Woods
Christian Woods
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