Nicki Minaj wishes she never recorded these three songs

Nicki Minaj has a number of regrets throughout her career as a rap artist. The self-proclaimed Queen of Rap revealed three tracks in particular that she wishes she had never recorded.

Fans would be surprised to know that Minaj listed her iconic hits Anaconda, Starships, and Your Love as the songs she recorded that she just wishes she hadn’t. The rapper appeared at a fan Q & A event held at Beverly Hills’ Pollstar Live Conference with her manager Irving Azoff. To the crowd’s surprise, Minaj expressed her disdain over three of her fan-favorite songs.

She explained that while she likes her music videos for Anaconda and Your Love, she doesn’t feel the same way for the actual songs. The “Chun Li” rapper even went so far as to say that she “hated” her songs.

“I wish I never recorded Anaconda,” the 37-year-old admitted, much to the surprise of the audience. She continued, “My first ever solo song on Billboard was Your Love…I liked the video but I hate the song.”

She even dissed her single “Starships” and mockingly said the lyrics. “I hate Starships,” Minaj candidly told the crowd. “I mean, like yo, Starships are meant to fly? Why’d I do that?” the artist said cringing as the audience laughed.

But Minaj’s lineup of song regrets might even include a song she recently teased on Instagram. Titled “Yikes,” it caught flack online before the whole song was even released. After she posted a clip mentioning civil rights activist with the lyrics, “All you bitches Rosa Parks, uh-oh, get your ass up,” the singer was immediately dragged for it.

Laura Ebeling
Laura Ebeling
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