New on Netflix Australia: 2nd Week of March picks

This week has been a bit milder compared to last week in terms of new additional content, but that doesn’t mean that new television shows and movies aren’t making their way to Netflix Australia. There is enough fresh quality content to keep your mind off the ongoing global crisis and help you relax a bit so take a minute to scan through some of our picks for this week.

TV Shows:

Dirty Money (Season 2)

Dirty Money deals with stories about corporate corruption. Each episode highlights an individual facet of corporate corruption that has first-hand accounts from important personalities from each story.

Oh, and Jared Kushner, Donald Trump’s (yes that Donald Trump) son-in-law is also featured in one of the episodes. Spicy much?

On My Block (Season 3)

On its third season, On My Block is a mature coming-of-age story about for teens making their way through high school in Los Angeles. The show is in its third season and has been said by a lot of viewers as a must-watch.

The season premiere opens to answer the cliffhanger from season 2’s finale and ups the ante even higher for the entire gang, setting up the plot for the new season.

The Circle Brazil (Season 1)

An entertaining reality contest where online players try to flirt, build rapport and catfish their way to a whopping R$300,000 prize. Brazilian actress and model Giovanna Ewbank hosts the competition /slash/ social experiment.

Contenders will be housed in an apartment complex and will have an app called The Circle that will assist them in sending messages to communicate with the rest of the contestants. Each participant gets to assume a different identity and try to win over the rest.


Last Ferry (2019)

When a gay lawyer comes to fire island to explore more about his sexuality, he comes across a murder after being drugged by an unknown person. When he comes to, a helpful stranger gives a hand to get him to safety but little does he know that this good samaritan has a secret that he doesn’t want others to know.

This indie feature film made waves throughout the film circuit and has garnered many nominations last year.

Q Ball (2019)

The San Quentin Warriors basketball squad goes on a quest for redemption from their past misdeeds as they traverse the route towards a better future via one of the world’s most beloved sport, basketball. This documentary is one of the best new documentaries available on Netflix today.

Alain Ang
Alain Ang
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