Neil Gaiman shoots down Coraline remake rumors

Neil Gaiman shoots down Coraline remake rumors
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Neil Gaiman Debunks Live-Action Coraline Rumor

Random claims of a live-action Coraline adaptation recently surfaced on the internet. But author Neil Gaiman begs to differ.

The author debunked rumors that his dark fantasy children’s novella will have a remake. Gaiman sternly disapproved the rumors in response to fans asking about it on social media. The book chronicles the adventures of Coraline Jones, a lonely girl who escapes her seemingly dull life when she discovers a doorway into a parallel reality called the “Other World”. At first, Coraline enjoys her stay in the world of her dreams. She soon discovers that the Other World is actually a trap run by the Other Mother to steal the souls of children.

Gaiman was seemingly irked by the rumors as he addressed them on Twitter. The author described the hear-say as “nonsense” and even asked to be given the source of the rumors link. In a Tweet the author wrote:

“If anyone has any idea where this “live action Coraline” nonsense started can you send me a link? All I can see is thousands of upset people who have apparently all heard it from each other.”

The author also responded to a fan who asked about the possibility of the adaptation. He wrote in his reply:
“All I’m seeing is literally thousands of Tweets from people going “No!”. I think it’s had the opposite effect. If it had ever crossed anyone’s mind (it hadn’t) it would now not be a thing.”

The fan who asked claims that there were “loads of interest” in Coraline being remade. But apparently, Gaiman doesn’t agree and nor does thousands of “upset” fans.