A comprehensive guide to MSY technology in Australia

MSY Technology started its operations in Australia in 1996 and has become a popular reseller of computer hardware parts across the country. The brand is known to offer the widest range of IT hardware products at competitive prices to consumers. With its head office in Victoria, MSY Technology has over 28 retail stores across NSW, ACT, SA, VIC, WA, QLD and TAS. MSY Technology also sells its products online.

What products does MSY technology sell?

MSY Technology sells all kinds of computer parts and equipment across multiple parts of Australia and online. Some of the products include:

  • Computers and related accessories – Laptops, CPUs, motherboards, monitors, tablets, keyboards, mouse devices, keypads, speakers, and webcams.
  • Wires – USB cables, charging cables, HDMI cables, network cables, display cables, VGA cables, DVI cables, adapters, converter cables, and power cables.
  • Printers and related accessories – Ink cartridges, toners, laser drums, printers, scanners, and laser toners.
  • Mobiles and related devices – Mobile phones, phone cases, charging cables, phone covers, portable batteries, and charger adapters.
  • Wi-Fi related products – Modems, routers, network cards, USB hubs, Wi-Fi boosters, and Wi-Fi extenders.
  • Surveillance and related accessories – IP cameras, AHD cameras, surveillance systems, NVR, and XVR.

MSY technology delivery services

MSY Technology delivers all products to customers via Australia Post. This covers most locations across the country, but the company doesn’t accept orders to ship out their products to other parts of the world. Here are some steps followed when it comes to product delivery:

  • Once any order is received, it takes about 3 business days for the product to be shipped to the customer.
  • The delivery timeframe takes between 2 to 3 days on average depending on where you are based in the country.
  • Some deliveries may take longer than average because they are special orders, promotional items or need to be custom made. In other cases, delays with carriers can also cause longer wait times.
  • Every order shipped comes with a tracking number so customers know when to expect delivery of their items.
  • You may need to be available in person when the order is being delivered to your preferred location.
  • If you place orders for delivery separately, you will receive them separately and will need to pay a delivery charge for each order.
  • You are responsible for providing the right delivery address to the company. In the case of an incorrect delivery address, any additional delivery costs must be borne by you.to re-direct the parcel to the right location.

MSY Technology has an online system that automatically estimates the cost of shipping based on a number of factors, including quantity, distance, size of item and packaging needed. The company can also ship custom-built computers.

MSY technology pick up services

If you placed an order with MSY Technology and you have opted for the pick up service provided by the company, a request is delivered to your branch of choice. Here are some steps if you opt for the pick up services of MSY Technology:

  • You will receive an email confirming the details of your order once you place it with the company.
  • When your order is ready for pick up, you will be notified with an order number.
  • You will need to bring this order number, along with some ID to pick up your items.
  • If you do not pick up the items within 48 hours of receiving the details and order number, the transaction will be cancelled.
  • All payments must be made within the store and not online.

Though the company, at present, only accepts in-store payments, it is working on offering more payment alternatives in the future.  The company receives plenty of orders every day. Even though it generally attempts to respond to everyone, sometimes an order may be missed. If you do not hear from them within 24 hours of placing your order, call or email the store. You can send any feedback or concerns to them.

What payment options does MSY technology offer?

If you have decided to place your order online and opt for delivery, you can pay via VISA, PayPal, MasterCard and Bank Transfer. Other payment alternatives are being worked on.

If you place your order online and choose the pick up service, then you can only make your payment at the branch. Some of the in-store payment options include:

  • EFTPOS – A maximum withdrawal limit set to between $800 and $1000 each day.
  • Cash
  • Credit Cards – Service fees and conditions will apply.
  • Direct Deposits – Requires 1 to 3 days for payments to process before handing products over to customers.
  • Bank Cheques – Requires 3 to 5 days for payments to clear before handing products over to customers.

After making the payment for any goods purchased from MSY Technology, make sure you keep the receipt to prove your purchase so you can use it in case of any warranty claims.

Terms of purchasing products and services from MSY technology

If you decide to buy products from MSY Technology, you need to know some of the terms of purchase:

  • Any goods or services you find on the website may not always be available at all branches. You will need to check for availability at a particular branch before buying.
  • Some goods and services may need to be ordered from a warehouse or supplier before shipping. This may take a little extra time.
  • Some products and services may only be available for online sales and not in any branches.
  • Promotion stock and clear out stock may only be available at some branches and in-store prices may differ from online prices.
  • Stock availabilities are generally the last known stock levels and can change quickly depending on the popularity of the product.
  • If MSY Technology cannot supply any product, you will be notified by phone or email as quickly as possible.
  • Generally all prices listed on the website are inclusive of GST.
  • Anyone under the age of 18 must get the consent of their parents or legal guardians before registering on the website or even to make any purchases.

MSY technology 2011 controversy

Despite its popularity as a computer hardware specialist, MSY Technology has been wrought in different controversies over the last few years. In 2011, the company was fined $203,500 in penalties over misleading information about consumer warranties.

  • The Federal Court ordered the penalty following allegations from the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC).
  • The ACCC reported that computers and components were sold to customers with misleading information about consumer warranties, which breached sections of the 1974 Trade Practices Act.
  • In order to present and defend their case, MSY Technology hired Spranklin McCratnery Lawyers. In documents of the Federal Court, the company admitted to the allegations and fully co-operated with the authorities.
  • The case was treated as a reminder to other businesses about misleading consumers regarding their rights when purchasing products and services.
  • The court ordered MSY Technology to refrain from any misleading claims about warranty rights for a period of five years.
  • The company was also ordered to implement a proper compliance program and to display accurate in-store advertising.
  • Finally, the company was expected to publish a corrective notice on its website in addition to paying the costs of the ACCC.

When the proceedings started against the company, MSY Technology had no proper educational programmes and compliance training for staff in keeping with the Trade Practices Act. But the company instituted these practices after the legal proceedings based on court orders.

MSY technology 2017 controversy

In 2017, six years after the ACCC dragged it to court the first time, the company was once again fined $750,000 for misleading consumers.

  • The ACCC took MSY Technology to court claiming it misled consumers about their rights in case of faulty products.
  • The Federal Court ordered MSY Technology to pay the $750,000 fine after it found the company guilty of communicating misleading information to consumers about whether they could receive a refund, replacement or repair service in case of a problem with the product they purchased.
  • As part of the order, the company had to post notices on its website regarding its wrongdoings as prominently as possible.
  • The court also ordered the company to undergo a compliance training program and pay an additional $50,000 to cover the costs raked up by the ACCC.

The Australian Retailer’s Association has set out guidelines to help retailers clearly communicate return policies to consumers, including designating a contact person to deal with returns and repair issues and training staff to manage exchange requests.

According to the association, businesses mistakenly assume that consumers should take the product straight to the manufacturer in case of a fault. If the product is under warranty, the selling store is responsible for getting it repaired or replaced, which often doesn’t happen.

Though MSY Technology has been around for over two decades, it hasn’t been without controversy. Despite these issues, it remains a frontrunner in the IT hardware retail industry in Australia.

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