Mel B is “still upset” about Victoria Beckham missing the Spice Girls tour

Mel B aka Scary Spice had the time of her life in the Spice Girls reunion tour. However, the singer expressed her disappointment in Victoria Beckham as she apparently snubbed the whole tour.

Scary Spice didn’t hold back on saying she was “upset” and found it “disappointing” that Beckham didn’t show up. In an interview with Good Morning Britain, Mel B admitted:

“I expected her to come and just say hi at least. Not even on stage, just as an audience member supporting,” Mel B said last Tuesday, after their final tour show in London. “I’m sure she has her reasons for not. I’ve already said, ‘Yeah, I was upset,’ I still am a little bit. It is what it is and us girls, we all support each other no matter what.”

Despite this revelation, the singer clarified that there was no bad blood between them and their missing member.

“No [it’s not a rift],” she said. “We’re all adults, we all have to respectfully get on with whatever. But it is a bit disappointing, let’s put it that way.”

Although Posh Spice didn’t make an appearance at all during the tour, she has been supportive of her girls on social media. The wife to David Beckham wrote in support of the tour: “Good luck to the girls today as they start their tour!” prior to the first show in Dublin Ireland.

Even Mr. Beckham wrote to the girl group on social media in celebration of their reunion tour:

“As someone that has lived with Posh Spice for the last 23 years I know how emotional today is going to be but I just want to wish all the girls good luck with their amazing tour. There will only ever be one Posh Spice.”

Laura Ebeling
Laura Ebeling
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