Matthew Tutty tells us how to write the best possible resume for job applications

Matthew Tutty is the founder of Resumes To You, an agency that writes tailored resumes for people who are looking to advance their career. He helps clients across any industry and experience level, from school leavers to executives.

Matt, what is your background in recruitment?

My background in recruitment has seen me work with many clients from the private sector as a recruitment consultant for a Sydney firm –  As a recruitment consultant I assisted clients into roles for Retail, Banking, Hospitality and large format “Big Box” retailers across NSW and ACT.I have also worked in the “Not for profit” sector where I was employed as “Jobactive” Employment consultant for 4 years, In this role I assisted clients that were on “Benefits” or “Centrelink” where I supported and motivated a caseload of 60+ clients with the aim to gain sustainable employment. I have also worked for a national fashion retailer as a retail recruiter, HR generalist and retail trainer assisting with – recruitment of staff for stores across NSW and the ACT, from full time to casual sales staff.

What is your process when writing resumes?

My approach or process involves: 1. Client consultation via phone and resume needs assessment. Some clients like a phone consultation while others are happy to work via email to fit into their schedule. I like to understand the purpose of the resume: are the applying for a new job, an internal promotion or even a career change. 2. Resume development process or draft, once all information has been gathered and resume strategy is in place, I then work on drafts / develop the content of the resume – capitalising on key duties / responsibilities, accomplishment / achievements and strengths using job specific / industry specific “keywords”. Once a draft is ready and double checked it is sent to the client for review and feedback. If any changes or edits are needed, I’m more than happy to make them for them. I then discuss how clients can use the resume or career documents to effectively sell their resume and competencies at the interview stage.

Do most of your clients find the jobs they are looking for with your CVs?

Yes, I have had many clients be successful in gaining interviews and employment. I get a lot of emails from clients with feedback and updates on career journeys. I also get clients returning for resume updates when applying for other roles or internal roles and even career change. I receive a lot of referrals from clients I assist.

Do you meet your clients in person or is it all done online?

My resume / career document service is all online offering support via phone and email 7 days a week. If a client needs a consultation or assistance via phone, I’m also happy to provide consultations after hours.

What are some of the biggest mistakes people make on their resumes?

Not tailoring the resume and cover letter towards the role or using “Keywords” or “Industry” specific keywords. By tailoring the resume, you are also breaking down the ATS – Application tracking software barrier that is used by recruiters and employers.

Not Listing both duties / responsibilities and also accomplishments and achievements, having a combination of these can help over other applicants

Double checking spelling, grammar and presentation and page numbers, ideally a resume should be between 2 – 4 pages in length.

What makes your resumes stand out?

I write and tailor a resumes / career documents towards specific roles / industries clients with to apply for. I have also kept update with my own skills and knowledge to understand what works and does not work on resumes. I also keep in contact with recruiters and employers to understand what they want from candidates and resume. The “one size fits all” approach with resumes these days does not work. It’s all about specific industry / tailored resumes and cover letters.

What would you say is the most important thing to remember when applying for jobs?

Tailor the resume and cover letter for each role / industry, Follow up on Applications – give call or email to the recruiter and or employer to follow up on one’s application status and ask questions like: has my application been received, when do they think they may be reviewing or interview for the role? Asking these simple questions can open doors. When applying via a recruitment firm, call and ask the recruiter if it is a “live” / “active” role they are recruiting for. Be an active Job seeker, don’t wait and see if you are called – be proactive and follow up.

Thank you Matthew for your time!
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