Louis Tomlinson and BBC Breakfast row over “painful” interview

Ex-One Direction member Louis Tomlinson vows to never return for a guesting in BBC One’s morning show, BBC Breakfast. The singer announced this over Twitter after he was pressed to answer queries about his mother and sibling’s deaths, his feud with Zayn, and a possible One Direction reunion.

The “Two of Us” singer appeared on Monday’s program of the show to publicize the release of his first solo album, “Walls”. BBC Breakfast hosts Dan Walker and Louis Michin brought up the subject of grief with regards to his creative process behind the album. Tomlinson’s mother succumbed to leukemia back in 2016, while his sister, Félicité, died of an accidental drug overdose just last year.

Tomlinson attempted to dodge the questions by saying, “I’ve just released my first album. That’s what we’re here for.”

During the interview, Walker and Michin also asked about his highly-publicized feud with his former One Direction bandmate Zayn Malik. He was then asked about the possibility of a reunion in the future. The artist was evidently irked as he noted, “You’ve ticked them all off – trauma, Zayn, and we’re finally on this one.”

While he fended off questions about Malik, he did offer insights regarding a 1D reunion saying that “It’s inevitable. I don’t know when. We’d be stupid not to get back together.”

Shortly after the show, Tomlinson aired his grievances on Twitter.“Defo won’t be going on there again Haha! Love to all my fans for always having my back,” he wrote. This prompted an online row with Walker. See the Tweet below:

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