Lili Reinhart discusses body positivity tackled in the film “Hustlers”

Lili Reinhart discusses body positivity tackled in the film “Hustlers”
Photo: Instagram | @lilireinhart

Lili Reinhart discusses body positivity tackled in the film “Hustlers”

After landing a role in the highly-anticipated film Hustlers, Lili Reinhart quipped to her director Lorena Scafaria that she would immediately start working out. But before Reinhart could start with the crunches and burpees, Scafaria had to stop her there. The filmmaker tells Reinhart that ‘Hustlers’ is a flick that celebrates “women of different sizes.”

The Riverdale star recalled that Scafaria told her she’s “perfect” the way she is.

Hustlers tell the story of a savvy stripper group who team up in a Robin Hood-esque style to get back at the rich men of Wall Street. Something that was based on a true-to-life New York Magazine article. Along with Reinhart, the film stars Constance Wu, Jennifer Lopez, Cardi B, Lizzo and Keke Palmer.

“She was so chill about that and just wanted all shapes and sizes and women of so many backgrounds, which is f**king amazing,” Reinhart says to Entertainment Tonight. The actress then reveals that having such a diverse cast to work with “take the pressure off” of having to conform to a specific body and beauty standard.

“That was very sweet to hear,” she tells of the director’s encouragement. “I feel like — obviously — there are so many people who would say the opposite and try and put me on a fitness regime and diet plan.”

Joining Hustler’s ensemble cast also gave Reinhart the opportunity to take a departure from the sweetheart role she’s known for as Betty Cooper on Riverdale. In the film, the star takes on the role of Annabelle, the youngest stripper in the group who gets dragged into their schemes.