Kim Kardashian under fire for topless photo taken by daughter

While it’s not surprising for Kim Kardashian to take a suggestive photo and post it on Instagram, fans have started a fierce debate about the apparent inappropriateness of her most recent upload.  While she has gotten in trouble in the past for her hairstyle and see-through swimsuits, she is now being criticised for letting her daughter take a photo of her nude back.

Kim recently shared a photo of her from a photoshoot on the beach. In the image she was sporting what were referred to as “Bo Derek” braids and was heavily criticized by some fans who saw it as an appropriation of black culture.

A few hours after posting the controversial beach photo, Kim uploaded yet another scandalous picture. This time because it was of her nude back while crediting her young daughter, North West, for taking the photo.

In the photo, Kim is effectively topless while holding he undone bra close to her chest, obscuring her breasts with her arms. In the photo’s caption, Kim credited North West, her oldest child of 4, for taking the picture.

While there was a huge spectrum of reaction to the photo, Kim’s Instagram fans were split in debate about whether the image was inappropriate for a child to have taken. Because the photo was considered sexually suggestive, many were appalled that Kim would allow her child to take the picture.

Many respondents accused Kim’s actions of being “sick” and “creepy”. Other said that she was setting a bad example for her daughter.  Some even went as far as to say her long-running reality show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, should be investigated by Child Protective Services.

Some commenters said that if an average person had done this they would have been scrutinised by social services. Many speculated that North would take an unhealthy lesson from the photo and begin to emulate her mother’s sexuality at a young age.

Many defended Kim by saying that North might have taken the photo without permission and that Kim decided it was appropriate to upload to social media. Others outright defended the entire affair, saying that there was nothing shameful or inappropriate about photo.

Many others said that Kim was setting a good example for her daughter in that she should not be ashamed of her body. Many more commenters said that the reactionary nature of moralising fans was ridiculous and that it wasn’t inappropriate for a mother to be nude in front of her child.

A whole different section of responses ignored the moral debate and simply praised North on her photography skills. Many said that for a 4 year old her framing of the photo was quite advanced.

Some other commenters speculated that it was not North taking the photo at all and that Kim was lying to get attention. They argued that the reflection of the photo taker in the mirror was not tall enough to be North and that since the face is obscured it could be anyone.

Christian Woods
Christian Woods
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