Jay-Z clarifies no “silent protest” at the Super Bowl LIV

Jay-Z wants everyone to know that he and Beyonce weren’t sitting down during the United States national anthem at the Super Bowl to make a political statement of any sort. The billionaire rap artist revealed that he and his wife were merely paying close attention to the performance.

The Roc Nation founder clarified the matter while he was at Columbia State University on Tuesday. After he was asked by a professor if he sat down throughout the “Star Spangled Banner” performance to “convey a signal,” Jay-Z immediately answered, “It actually wasn’t. Sorry.”

Explaining further, the multihyphenate says that he and Beyonce were discussing Demi Lovato’s performance of the anthem noting that his wife’s input was valuable since she “performed at the Super Bowl before, and I haven’t.”

At the beginning of the song, Jay-Z said: “We immediately jumped into artist mode.” He added that he was focused on the different aspects of the whole spectacle saying, “I’m really just looking at the show. The mics start. Was it too low to start?”

Jay-Z’s immense concern for the audio and the performance makes perfect sense with Roc Nation’s involvement as the entertainment producer of all Super Bowl shows. A deal between the NFL and his entertainment agency was signed last year.

The rapper pointed out that there was no speculated “silent protest” going on saying that the “biggest loudest protest of all” came in the form of choosing to diversify the artists featured at the massive event.

This was reported by TMZ.

Laura Ebeling
Laura Ebeling
Laura is a reporter and a gossip columnist for Best in Australia. She focuses on celebrities, science and social affairs in Australia and worldwide.
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