Is crawling wildlife affecting your peace of mind? Not anymore!

If we talk about Sydney, the first thing that comes to your mind is its vibrance, fantastic beaches, and the iconic Opera House. Right? But what we tell you is that it’s also referred to as the “cockroach capital of Australia.” Shocked?

Not only that, many experts suggest that one can find cockroaches, spiders, termites in their houses at any given moment of time, no matter how efficient homeowners are at cleaning. In fact, you can expect around 10X more of the bugs lurking around. And the numbers increase with the increase in temperature.

Don’t know about the types of pests that might be infesting your place? Keep reading, and you’ll learn more about the same.

Common pests found in Sydney homes:

In Sydney, families are under constant threat of these creepy crawlers. But who likes these uninvited guests lurking around your place within walls or beneath the walls. So, a bit of knowledge would help you make an informed decision.

Here are the types of bugs that might invade your home and can be dangerous for your family and home’s overall well-being.

  • Ants: As many as 25 species of ants are found in homes. You can find them easily because of their nature to form colonies around walls or behind doors. Don’t fall for the phrase “It isn’t a picnic without ants.”
  • Bed Bugs: You can find these crawlers in beds, hence the name. However, once they invade that place, it would be challenging to slow them down. This is why you must never ignore them.
  • Cockroaches: They play the role of the antagonist in the lives of the homeowners. Not only do they look “eww,” but their presence also impacts the health of the family. Not only that, they could be a reason for allergic reactions, food contamination, and so on.
  • Fleas: This is quite common in homes that have pets. Having a flea infestation might cause red or itchy bumps on your skin in case they bite you. Not only that, they are responsible for causing bubonic disease as well.
  • Lice- They can be quite annoying if they start traveling from one person to another. So, it is important to get rid of head lice, body lice, and crab lice.
  • Mites & Ticks: They are often the reason for respiratory problems in animals. The important part is to identify the type of bug.
  • Spiders: These are dangerous not only to your home but also to your health. Plus, no one is comfortable when they are crawling nearby.
  • Termites: They are often referred to as silent destroyers. They slowly eat the material they infest. They might not have any health risks. However, they decrease the market value of your home considerably.

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Since these crawlers can decline your home’s health and yourself, you must make sure to get rid of them without wasting any minute. But if you think that you can take care of them on your own, think again!

Why? Look for the answer below.

DIY methods won’t help – why?

Whenever someone realizes their home has been invaded with one or more types of these creepy crawlers, the first thing they try to do is, “I can do this on my own.” Although this is quite understandable, it can turn out to be relatively ineffective in the long run.

The first reason is that DIY methods provide solutions when they have already invaded your space. So, you have no guarantee that they will come back or not. Secondly, you don’t take care of the root of the problem, so their colony keeps growing tremendously.

In the end, the solutions prove to be ineffective, especially if you are living where such infestations are quite an issue. That’s why experts at suggest homeowners to take care of the problem for once and all.

If you are still procrastinating, the following list of benefits might make you think otherwise.

Why hiring pest control professionals is a better choice?

When you talk about eliminating these bugs, you might not have an idea from where to start. So, an attempt to cut yourself some slack (usually money) can compromise your family and house’s health and safety. Not only can they be disease-inducing, but they can also eat the structure of your home along with wiring or insulation.

Can you afford to go for such sudden, costly repairs? Probably not! The following are a few more reasons that you should consider hiring professional service providers for your home.

  • Use of Organic Products: When it comes to using professional services, they make sure to use organic products or products that pose no to a minimal threat to the environment as well as your family.
  • Less Health Risks: When there are pests in your home, there is no denying that they will affect your well being, directly or indirectly. With professional control services, not only you’ll get rid of pests all at once, they will screen your home for possible future infestations as well.
  • No Worries About Cleaning: Pest infestation not only affects your home structures and other things; it also creates a mess in invaded areas. Those dead bugs and droppings can never be pleasing to the eyes. Hiring a management company will help you with all these pest-related debris as well.
  • No More Uncomfortable Days: This goes without saying that pests like bed bugs, fleas, or spiders can bite you. Understandably, hiring professionals will allow you to avoid these crawlers in your home, thereby shielding your body from the attack.
  • A Chance to Save Money: Pests can turn out to be an expensive affair if you don’t keep a check on them. They can eat away building structures, furniture, insulation, and many other things. Hence, you’ll have to always be on your toes for repairs and maintenance of these things. Undoubtedly, all of this will impact your finances. However, using services will allow you to safeguard your home against the attack of these bugs.
  • A Peace of Mind: Everything you do is for the purpose of keeping yourself free from any worries. The thought of pests crawling your place or your bed can surely take away your sleep. Isn’t it? Hiring professionals can help you gain control of your life and your home subsequently.

Lastly, with so much competition in the professional world, having time for managing things on your own can be daunting for many. And if you have to do that again and again, you might get frustrated more than anything. With professionals doing it for you will allow you to take out some time for yourself.

But how to find the best pest control providers in your area. Well! The following tips will help you make the right decision for yourself.

How to choose the professionals?

How to choose the professionals

If your house is already infested with bugs or fleas, I understand you would be thinking about yourself as less fortunate. But, not to worry, these tips will help you find the specialists without any hassles.

  • The first thing is to look for someone with good reviews and feedback. Thanks to the rise in internet marketing, service providers make sure they reach their customers online.
  • Talk about the type of chemicals they will be using during the treatment process. This is significantly more important if you are sensitive to any chemical or have children or pets around.

But what to do to minimize their presence in your home? The following tips will further help you do so.

Handy tips to minimize their presence

  • Make sure to clean your kitchen area, pantry, and areas where food might be stored. Keep your food in sealed containers to avoid any harm in case your home gets invaded by creepers.
  • Make sure to trim branches and clean all the foliage around your home entrance and other areas that can give bugs direct entry to your home.
  • Secure the lids of garbage cans to halt pest infesting your bins.
  • Identify potential entry points and fill the gaps to avoid infestation.
  • Try using bulbs with an orange or yellow tint. These colors are less attractive as compared to others.
  • Keep a check on drains and sinks. They are usually the breeding ground for mosquitoes or flies.

Wrapping up

Pest infestation is a common problem for the people living in Sydney. So, it’s better not to take chances for these crawlers to appear in your home. If you wait until you have a pest problem rather than getting your premises screened timely, you might create bigger problems for yourself in the long run.

While some might be less destructive or dangerous, their presence can significantly hamper your overall well being and, most importantly, your peace of mind. So, hiring professional service providers is the best way to avoid that chewed furniture or walls, contaminated food, or debris lying around. That way, you can identify potential entry points along with different tips and tricks to avoid their entrance in the first place.

Shield your home from the attack of these small crawlers that can damage your property in many ways than you anticipate. Don’t take any chances!

Samantha Rigby
Samantha Rigby
Samantha is the head of content, lifestyle and entrepreneurial columnist for Best in Australia. She is also a contributor to Forbes and SH. Prior to joining the Best in Au, she was a reporter and business journalist for local newspapers.
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