9 Useful iPhone tips you might not know

Many people use their iPhones without realizing there are great features they can use. It is easier to use some features, while others might require you to watch tutorials to know how they work. Here are some helpful hacks and tips you may not know existed.

1. Use iPhone’s keyboard as a trackpad

Did you ever think you can use your iPhone’s keyboard as a trackpad? Well, this feature allows you to move more accurately when reading the text without tapping your screen. The feature is available in iPhones 6S or later and can as well work on any iPad.

To use the feature;

  • Long-press and hold the keyboard to activate the feature.
  • Once you activate the trackpad, the keyboard will go blank
  • Now, use your finger to move the cursor to go through a text.

2. Hit backspace in the calculator

If you’re the kind that spends most time using the iOS Calculator app, it’s likely you know how hectic it is to delete mistyped digits. However, a backspace function allows you to delete numbers without hitting the C or AC button.

To use the backspace feature;

  • Open your iOS calculator app.
  • Start typing your digits.
  • To delete a number, swipe the screen to the left.
  • Doing that will remove the last digits you entered.

3. Get your lost phone back.

Most iPhones come with the Apple Health app, which requires you to enter your medical details. Although most people rarely pay attention to the app, it is worth filling in your details. The details you enter, such as your next of kin’s contact, appear on the lock screen.

In case you lose your phone, a good bystander can tap the Emergency Dial link to access your information. To open and fill in your medical details;

  • Go to the Setting app.
  • Scroll down until you see the Medical ID icon and tap it.
  • Tap Edit
  • Enter the information you would like.
  • For the data to appear on the Emergency link, activate the Show When Locked icon.

4. Teach Siri to use nicknames

Siri is more adept when it comes to who you want to call or text. You can use it to add nicknames to the contacts. Since Apple’s Contact app has the add nickname field, you can incorporate Siri to identify people.

To teach Siri to use nicknames;

  • Open your contact list and tap any contact card.
  • Tap the Edit icon.
  • You’ll find the Add field icon and Select the Nickname in the list given.

You can also use Siri’s assistant to “call your boss” and ask it to remember future calls.

5. Snap a photo while shooting a video

iPhone allows you to record video and snap a photo without interfering with the recording. You can miss this vital tip since it is not available in the user manual.

To snap a photo is pretty easy;

  • Go to your video to start recording.
  • Once you start recording, there is a red square button that will appear beside the recording button.
  • If you identify a moment you want to take a photo, tap the square button to picture.

Unlock iPhone passcode without computer

6. Figure out who is calling you

You can easily predict who is calling you by listening to the ringtone. This trick is ideal for people who want to separate important calls and random callers.

To use the feature;

  • Go to the Contact app.
  • Select the contact of a family or friend you want to edit
  • Tap Edit to select the Ringtone you wish to assign.
  • Tap the Default icon to activate the process.

Once set, you’ll only be required to remember which Ringtone was assigned to which person.

7. Unlock iPhone passcode without computer

Passcodes protect your phone from unauthorized people. However, there are moments you can forget your password, and you’re not near a computer. Below is a procedure on how to unlock your phone without computer and restore your data.

How to unlock iPhone passcode without computer

If you don’t have computer access, you can use the Find My iPhone feature. Use Find My iPhone to erase the phone’s data by following these steps;

  • Download and install the app on another iPhone.
  • Log in using your locked iPhone Apple details.
  • You’ll find all devices using the same Apple ID as yours.
  • Tap on the locked device and select Erase iPhone option.
  • Now you can restore the data by clicking the Restore data from iCloud Backup.

8. Hide your private photos

Sometime, you might have private photos that you don’t want to share with friends and relatives. iPhone make your work easier because it has a feature that enables you to hide sensitive images and videos. To use the feature:

  • Go to your photo gallery and select all the images you want to hide.
  • Click the Share
  • You’ll see the Hide button, click on it and all the selected images will disappear from your gallery.
  • However, you can still access the hidden images from the Hidden albums.

9. Check the surface level

iOS devices have an inbuilt measurement app that is able to determine the level of a surface. To use it:

  • Open the app and click on the Measure
  • Tap the level icon on your right to check the level of a surface.

You can measure when your iPhone is perched on the side or when laid flat. If you want to measure different surfaces, you can tap your screen and ensure the level is at zero degrees. If you move your phone, a red area will appear and will indicate how the two angles vary.


With every iPhone update, Apple tends to add new features to improve performance. Discovering the above-given features will enhance your experience. However, you can find many more features, like getting a detailed report of each website you visit or how to hide photos. As long as you feel the feature will add value to you, there is no harm in trying new experiences.

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