Investigation into deaths of Canadian billionaire couple underway

Murder detectives have officially taken over the ongoing investigation into the tragic deaths of two pharmaceutical billionaires that has been deemed suspicious by police.

The founder of Apotex 75-year-old Barry Sherman and his wife, 70-uear-old Honey Sherman were both found dead in their North York home in Toronto on Friday. Police investigators said in a statement that the elderly couple had both passed away from “ligature neck compression”.

The police declared the circumstances of the deaths to be suspicious but did not comment on whether or not one or both of the cases were being considered evidence of murder.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau as well as other political leaders commented on the regrettable passing of the couple, who had a distinct legacy in Canada.

The Toronto police statement came out following criticism from the deceased pair’s children that media reporters had cited some police sources that were inaccurate.

The children later made a statement asserting that their parents had a shared “enthusiasm for life” as well as a commitment to their families and the community at large. The family urged the Toronto police to conduct a thorough criminal investigation into the deaths of their parents.

Sherman’s company, Apotex, issued a statement praising Barry Sherman’s role in helping the company to become of the largest generic-drug manufacturers in the world. Sherman was also praised for keeping a majority of the workforce based in Canada, providing jobs for more than 6,000 Canadians.

The statement asserted that modern people are living “healthier and more fulfilled lives” because of Mr Sherman’s work.

Barry Sherman had a Ph.D in astrophysics from MIT and was chairman of Apotex, being recently ranked as Canadas 12th richest person with a rough net worth of $3 billion.

In August 2015 Sherman conducted a fundraiser in support of the Trudeau Liberals just before they won the election. This fundraiser was allegedly investigated by Canada’s lobbyist watchdog. Mr Shermans’ 12,440 square-foot residence has been placed on the market for roughly $5.4 million.

Toronto homicide detective have said they cannot yet say with absolute certainty that foul play was involved in the couple’s deaths. There were not any signs of forced entry into the home and police have not identified any current suspects.

Both the family and Toronto police seem confused about the nature of the couple’s deaths and are struggling to find a reason why anyone would want to harm or kill the couple. Toronto and Canada at large are buzzing with speculation about the billionaire deaths.

Christian Woods
Christian Woods
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