3 incredible tips for maximum cloud security

Information protection and cloud security is an inevitable option for internet users. In today’s fast-paced and digitally high-end world, keeping one’s self-protected from hacking has become a hard nut to crack. Even though security measures are taken from time-to-time, curbing hackers from their malicious activities isn’t fruitful as yet.Hacking is a digital crime. It’s an act of violating a law in which a hacker misuses personal information and data without consent. Notwithstanding, government agencies, stakeholders and individuals are equally responsible for devising a system to foil hacking attempts and take the protection of the data and information to the next level.

Cloud security is a sweet spot for hackers to make you vulnerable easily if you don’t take active measures and don’t safeguard yourself. More than ever, hackers are more resilient, trained and prepared now to damage average citizens and businesses across the globe.

All-in-all, I’m going to share 4 practical tips to take your cloud security to the next level and get rid of hackers easily:

1- Keep changing your password:

It’s the first thing where most of the internet users fail and this failure leads to severe damage. In most cases, a weaker password is the gateway to the victim’s computer, smartphone or a laptop.

Cybercriminals make use of a variety of tactics to hack your password. In fact, the easiest way for hackers and cybercriminals is to buy your passwords from the dark web.

Isn’t it?

You will be surprised to know that buying and selling of passwords mean ‘Big Money’ in the dark web.

Especially, if you’re using the same login credentials from a very long time; chances are your online identity will be compromised.

The following lists the two most practical and easy-to-apply tips for complete protection of your passwords:

1- ‘Multiple Word Phrase Method with a Twist’- It’s a method in which you choose an uncommon word. For example, you may choose nouns, names of your local business, historical places or any word in a foreign language. A good example of good password made using this tip is given below:

Change “I’m loving it” into “tignivolm’I”: This technique might look weird but don’t forget that no hacker can crack your password. Period.

2- Another method used for the protection of the password is called ‘Bruce Schneier Method’. In this method, you conjecture about any random sentence and translate that particular sentence into a solid password with the help of this rule.  All you need to do is to take two letters from each word and make a password this trick.

It’s not difficult. Just follow the example I am giving you right now:

William Wallace was a brave soldier; just pick two starting letters from each word and a new password will become:


It might look gobbledygook to anybody, but for you, it should make sense. Try your best to make your password look unguessable and hard-to-crack.

3 incredible tips for maximum cloud security
Photo: Rawpixel.com, Pexels.

2- Better don’t store your sensitive information in the cloud

The majority of the internet users seem to comment awkwardly when it comes to the storage of sensitive information on the cloud-like this- “It is folly to keep important information on the cloud.” Won’t it be like; if you ask your friend that ‘How to not get car stolen?” and he would definitely reply, “Better don’t own a car.”

However, if you have a choice then you should keep your critical and crucial information away from the cloud or make sure to use appropriate and reliable solutions.

3- Safeguard all of your communication with hosted virtual or dedicated servers

Always and forever implement the safest communication protocols that are supported by your own service provider. Sometimes, services fail to encrypt information. This is where chances of getting vulnerable to hacking attempts rise exponentially. It’s better to count on professional services i.e. GoDaddy that provides good dedicated and hosted servers, web hosting services. It offers handsome discount coupons and different packages to make its clients.

Final words:

In a nutshell, stronger password made techniques mentioned in this content will help you and your confidential files from getting hacked. Likewise, not saving your critical information on the cloud and opting for credible sources helps to add credibility to your cloud security. Last but not least, always safeguard your communication with a hosted virtual or dedicated server and you can avail rock-solid cloud security, that too without costing a fortune.



Evelyn Johnson
Evelyn Johnson
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