Hurricane Dorian: confirmed death toll now at 7 in Bahamas

Hurricane Dorian pummeled through the Bahamas leaving a trail of destruction and five confirmed deaths as it makes its way to the United States.

The category storm brought 145mph winds to the Grand Bahama, according to the nation’s prime minister. As reported by news outlet Independent, Prime Minister Hubert Minnis describes the catastrophic event as a “historic tragedy.” The first place Hurricane Dorian first made landfall was at the Abaco Islands where the five deaths were recorded.

Minnis said rescue missions will be carried out once the weather allows them to do so. Rescuers are expected to cater to people in serious distress from the Great Bahama island.

“This is the time for us as Bahamians to show our love, our care, and our compassion,“ The prime minister said in a statement released to media on Tuesday. “Your compassion at this most difficult hour will bring healing and hope to those who are traumatized by this destructive hurricane.”

As of this writing, Hurricane Dorian is threatening the United States’ East Coast as it heads for the mainland. Residents of Stuart, Florida have started to feel the hurricane’s presence in the area. Coastal erosion, flooding and storm surges are expected to come along with the hurricane’s arrival. CNN’s resident meteorologist Derek Van Dam warns that the storm’s winds will expand from the center making it larger than ever. Electrical poles and trees could be taken down by the strong gust of wind.

On Tuesday Van Dam reported that a number of transformers have already blown up as the hurricane draws closer. This means residents in the area might also experience blackouts.

Danny Manly
Danny Manly
Danny is a reporter and news columnist for Best in Australia. He covers world news the latest world news headlines and international news including US News and Europe, Middle East News.
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