HungryPanda Released Riders’ Accord for Riders’ Benefits

When facing the parliamentary hearing and the protesting riders, HungryPanda, a world leading Chinese food delivery company, released its riders’ accord, to demonstrate its ultimate services for merchants, customers and riders.

HungryPanda is the world’s leading delivery service for authentic Chinese food.  We pride ourselves on outstanding service to our customers and our restaurant and supply partners.  We recognise that our contract delivery partners are a critical part of achieving these service standards.  They are very much our ambassadors to the public. 

We also recognise that our delivery partners are entitled to a clear understanding of their engagement arrangements with us, and to have their voices heard in major decisions that impact on their work.

In recognition of this important partnership, we make the following commitments:

  1. Within one month, we will announce the details of a comprehensive insurance arrangement for our riders.
  2. We commit that all future changes to contract arrangements affecting our delivery partners will have a consultation period of at least seven days, so riders may come to understand the proposed changes and provide any feedback.
  3. We will create regular and open opportunities to allow riders to provide feedback and to allow better communications between the company and its contractors.
  4. We will work with our riders to help them achieve the standards our customers and restaurant partners expect, which will help them grow their incomes.
  5. We will implement annual awards to recognise our best-performing contract partners, and back these up with extra financial incentives.
  6. And in recognition of the importance of the HungryPanda “family” we will implement monthly events to celebrate key milestones for riders, such as birthdays, engagements and weddings.

HungryPanda is committed to becoming the leading food delivery service in Australia, and we understand that our delivery partners are key to that success.  We make this Accord with our delivery partners, and commit to uphold these standards we have set for ourselves.

It’s not difficult to find that, HungryPanda is not only the participant of the food delivery industry, the company aims to change and improve the current delivery situation and to better serve for customers with the help of riders and restaurants.

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