How to prepare for the installation of a hot water cylinder  

Installing a hot water cylinder is a relatively simple process. However, the entire process can be made all the more complicated if the manufacturer’s installation instructions are very vague or rarely useful. It is important to note that installing a hot water cylinder or system does require some experience in plumbing.

So, if you’re a little unsure about how your plumbing system works, it is probably best to leave it to a professional. For example, The Cylinder Guy is a specialist in this field and will ensure that your system is installed, fixed or maintained to the highest possible standard. Having said this, there are a couple of things you can do to help prepare the space for when the professional arrives.

Step 1: Build a solid platform

Firstly, select a suitable spot where you will place your hot water cylinder. Once you have found the right spot, build a platform to hold the cylinder in place. Generally, two to three concrete blocks will do the trick. These blocks are useful in preventing minor flooding and make it easier when you want to access the tank for maintenance purposes.

Step 2: Place the tank on the platform

Following this, slide the tank onto the platform and rock it back and forth. This is to gauge whether the platform is strong enough to support your hot water cylinder. Remember to keep the drain faucet at the front.

Step 3: Detach the gas and water outlet from old tank

If you want to make the job a little easier for your local plumber, detach the gas and water outlet from the tank (permitting it is a gas-operated tank). Following this, open the lowest faucet of your tank to drain all the water that is left inside.

Now, all that is left is to have your new, high-quality tank hooked up by a professional and then you are good to go.

The benefits of getting a professional

You are perfectly within your rights to install your own water heater. Having said this, if you have limited experience in plumbing, then it is strongly recommended that you talk to your local plumber for assistance. Here are some of the benefits of doing just that.

High quality work

With a qualified plumber, you will receive high quality installation work. This will ensure that your water tank is up and running as quickly as possible.

Lower maintenance costs

Getting a professional to install your water heater is also beneficial because it reduces the chance of you having to pay for ongoing maintenance, should your water tank encounter problems. A professional will ensure that your tank is running smoothly in those early stages and pinpoint any signs of poor performance.

Christian Woods
Christian Woods
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