How Paradox Group is Helping Blockchain Companies Find Investors

Paradox Group, a digital advertising agency working with Blockchain companies in the decentralized finance sphere, is pioneering a new service in the sector, effectively linking up companies with their target audience. Founded in 2019 by Paul Burnham and Milo McCloud, the company helps their clients improve the engagement and impressions of their digital advertisements through budgeted CPM and CPC campaigns.

The blockchain industry, which is revolutionizing finance and transforming the future of money, is still in its youth phases and has already undergone numerous shifts. Companies in the industry have been struggling to spread awareness of their brand which is preventing their maximum potential growth.

Paradox has stepped in to solve this problem by helping these companies expand their brand’s footprint in connection with publications and platforms that were also struggling to pull in more clients. As a result, both stakeholders have benefited and Paradox has managed to link decentralized finance companies to millions of potential investors, helping their clients rise to their full potential.

“Our main goal is to maximize each client’s advertising budget and truly produce a return on investment for each client to prove the effectiveness of our digital advertising strategies,” says Co-Founder and Finance Director, Paul Burnham. “We use extensive research and experience in the industry to hand-select the best platforms with the best companies, joining up the client with their ideal audience in each advertising campaign.”

Built from the ground up by founders who had backgrounds in design, sales, and finance Paradox has established a stable business strategy and accessible methodology that is catered towards the client’s experience. “Starting out, we focused on developing a seamless user experience and user interface that would allow brands to work more efficiently and effectively than ever before. We have already built out a fully functional advertisement marketplace for clients where they can also track the success of their campaigns to make changes and improvements.”

“Moving forward, we are looking to expand our services to other digital methods and also work with additional industries to bring the type of growth that we have been able to create for blockchain companies” says Burnham. “Next on our list is expanding our team so that we can make this possible, and to continue focusing on developing long-term partnerships.”

As Vision Magazine’s Best Blockchain Marketing Company of 2020 in the UK, Paradox group distinguishes themselves through their high-caliber customer service offerings. Focused on providing top quality support, they offer 24/7 service putting the customer at the center of their business strategy, leading the company to hold a large share of the market within a new industry.

“We are confident that what we have learned working with blockchain companies will allow us to succeed in our next steps within other industries” says Burnahm. Paradox Group’s ability to bridge the gap between companies and their advertising platforms has led to the development of a seamless interface and profit, stabilizing revenue, partnerships, and integration for each client.

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