Harvey Weinstein is a ‘champion of women’, finally opens up about lawsuit

Harvey Weinstein says that he’s a champion of women and is the man that has done more for women than anyone else in the entertainment industry.

The disgraced film mogul has finally agreed to do an on-the-record interview with the New York Post about the countless allegations regarding his sexual predation and abuse on women.

Weinstein spoke to the Post in his hospital room where he underwent back surgery and gave his thoughts on the matter and needed that aid of a walker to move around following his surgery. Weinstein adamantly thinks that many people have forgotten about his contributions to women during his time in the industry.

During the interview, Weinstein said that his back surgery was a rouse and that it was used to spread fake news but said that it was a major operation that he needed done.

“I want this city to recognize who I was instead of what I’ve become,” he shared.

He said that he felt like he was the ‘forgotten man’ because he had produced a lot of films that had female directors and actors, more than any director or filmmaker and has said that he was the pioneer of it all.

His now-bankrupt film company, The Weinstein Company has apparently reached a contingent of $25 million civil settlement with the countless women that accused him.

The disgraced movie big man cited examples like when he gave actress Gwyneth Paltrow ten million dollars to star in View from the Top, a 2003 movie where he discloses that her talent fee was higher than any male actor made during that time. He also said that casting Felicity Huffman in Transamerica won her an Academy Award and states that he thinks he should be given credit for.

Weinstein also lauded his own charity and humanitarian undertakings over the years, like how he co-produced a charity concert after the 9/11 attacks to raise a hundred million dollars for first responders via Robin Hood Foundation. Weinstein said that he had resigned from the foundation’s board after the sexual allegations broke out.

He also said that if people remembered who he was before the scandal, people might then question some of the things that are happening to him now.  Weinstein however, did not address any of the alleged sexual abuse that countless women had claimed he did.

Weinstein will attend his hearing regarding the five charges filed against him which includes predatory sexual assault and rape. The former film producer faces jail time if proven guilty.

Alain Ang
Alain Ang
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