Hamid Uyanik talks about creating a successful games portal for kids

Video games have become a huge part of how people recreate in today’s society and everyone from children to middle-aged adults have enjoyed them as some point or another. However, many of the best games come with a hefty price tag attached and require an investment in hardware such as a gaming computer or home console system.

While there are many free games online, lots of website that host them are filled with spammy and misleading advertisements. Many of these sites do not display the games neatly or even categorise them.

Seeing this, Hamid Uyanik was determined to create a better alternative. His website, G2k hosts over 2500 high quality games that are totally free and require little-to-no installation or setup.

The site is aimed at children and is designed to show only the most trustworthy Google advertisements. There is even a “brain” games category with educational exercises that are fun for children to play.

We asked Hamid some questions about his business. Here’s what he had to say:

What were some initial challenges in setting up your website?

It really took a long time to create the smartest and the most suitable site design for the user. Of course, we got the most help from the data available in Google Analytics. Besides that, integrating CDN server technology in order to ensure all users have fast loading times was another big time investment we had to make.

What are your most popular game categories? 

Our most popular game categories are 2 player games and car games. I guess that the children like the games they can play on the same computer together with their friends. Besides that, since the majority of our visitors are male, we can assume this is why car related games are popular.

What’s the average age range your site attracts?

Although our website addresses almost all ages, it is frequented mainly by  children between the ages of 12-17. Since the children love the game portal so much, they reach our website through searching for our website in Google.

Your site has a “brain” games category; can you explain more about it?

After hearing the suggestions of some of our users, we added the category of “Brain Games”. People both have fun and learn with these games. In order to eliminate the boredom from subjects like maths and science, we’ve added hundreds of games into this category that engage children in educational subject matter while being disguised as a video game.

Do you have any personal favorite games?

My favorite games are “G-Switch” game series. This game can be played by a single person or more than one person. The game is an ‘endless runner’ and you have to switch between running on the ground and the ceiling. This requires some quick reflexes from the player. The game consists of 3 series in total and is also very popular in the app stores of smartphones.

You host many Unity-based games. Why do you think Unity games have become so popular?

In my opinion Unity 3D is the best tool for games production that has come out in recent years. Many of the games created with great 3D graphics via Unity are hosted on our site. These games combine the 3D fidelity of more demanding games with the convenience of being able to be played in a browser. Unity games also run at a high framerate, making the picture look a lot smoother.

What future improvements do you plan to make to your website? Any new games or categories?

We are currently working on introducing our games portal to Google Play and Apple storefronts. Our aim is to offer quality games on all platforms free of charge and to generate a loyal audience. Our goal is to provide and fun experience that keeps people coming back for more. At the moment, we are preparing to launch games in our library which we have produced by supporting our work team with professional game developers.

Christian Woods
Christian Woods
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