Guide to coming back to the gym

Recently with restrictions easing and gyms opened back up again in Melbourne, people have rejoiced and started heading to the gym and getting back into the swing of things.

It’s completely normal to feel worried about returning to public venues and wanting to make sure people get back on track to their Summer fitness goals.

So, here are some tips and guidance for getting back into the swing of things and making the most of your return to the gym post-lockdown.

Look back on what you’ve achieved

Look back on what you’ve achieved

It’s normal to feel like you haven’t done your best or eaten the greatest during the Melbourne lockdown, but think about all of the great things you’ve done and don’t feel afraid to give yourself props for all your little wins so far.

It’s been a pretty unique year for everyone, and maintaining your physical health has been difficult for us all. It’s important to remember that you’re not alone and everyone has been feeling this way. BestInAU has posted a recent article with 10 tips on the importance of weight loss and eating healthy which is a great resource to integrate while getting back into the gym.

Some of you may have taken up walking and built your own home gyms and workout areas in your home. It’s also normal to have stopped focusing on your fitness goals and just focused on getting through the year with your family and taking care of yourself first.

We might’ve all been somewhere else in between trying to balance working out at home while being unable to feel the normal freedoms we’ve all been accustomed to.

Lastly, really take the time to be proud of making it through lockdown physically and mentally and get excited to get back into the swing of things at the gym.

Stay safe and follow your local rules and regulations

Stay safe and follow your local rules and regulations

Before heading back to your local gym or fitness studio, take the time to check and make sure you’re up to date on the current restrictions and safety procedures in your area.

Social distancing, pre-booked sessions and hygiene practices are going to be standard for the near future. It’s wise to bring your own sanitiser or wipes for the equipment (most gyms will wipe everything down after use and provide you sanitiser upon entry) and always wash your hands before and after your time at the gym, it’s about being safe for yourself and also everyone around you and in the community.

You’re going to need to wear your face mask, unless you’re out of breath. It’s a good idea to try a workout at home or go for a run with your mask on to get yourself used to wearing a mask at the gym.

Make sure that you’re keeping yourself and everyone around you safe, and if you need any help with restrictions and procedures, the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services website can show you the most up to date information, and you can also give them a call.

Don’t expect too much

Don’t expect too much

It’s really important to curb your expectations when you dip your toes back into the post-lockdown gym experience.

It’ll be difficult to socialise with the restrictions on numbers inside gyms and social distancing measures in place. While this can impact your experience, it’s important to stay positive and realise it’s for the best and that it can allow you to spend your time focusing on your workout and breaking a sweat.

It’s normal to also feel your body adjusting to the change of going back to the gym and you can find yourself getting short of breath or not being able to lift the same weights. With all of us getting out of an extended lockdown, take care of yourself and remember to celebrate all of your little wins.

Make sure to start slow as well, it can be easy to feel impatient in wanting to get back to things before lockdown. There’s no rush, and as we all know, recovery is the most important part of the workout, so don’t be so hard on yourself.

Be patient & take your time

Be patient and take your time

It’s important to stay safe and remember you’re getting back into the swing of things and there’s no point starting up and getting injured again, so manage your time and exercise safely while increasing the intensity gradually.

You can talk to your local gym about organising and crafting a workout plan and you can get back to smashing your fitness goals.

A professional trainer can help you gradually and safely get back to your old self while also keeping you from getting injured while trying to go too hard.

Place your time and focus in trying to get back into form and implementing proper technique. It’s important to get back into a regular workout habit as well, so try to commit to a routine and include your resting days to allow your body to catch up.

Personal trainers are here to help and keep you motivated and safe. Remember to keep a routine and be patient.

Have fun

Have fun

This should be your mindset and the most important thing in returning back to the gym, have fun and enjoy yourself.

We’ve all been missing working out, but it’s time to get back on the grind and work on your goals for 2021.

Gyms are places where you can focus on personal improvement and help others achieve their goals too. Things may be a little different, but personal trainers are here to help and get you back to the old you, or even take the opportunity for a new you.

If you have any questions, get in touch with a personal trainer in your area and they can help you get on your feet again.

Mike Ransfield
Mike Ransfield
I’m the owner and trainer at DX3 Lifestyle Fitness, a premium personal training studio in Hawthorn, Melbourne. I have over 20 years experience in the health and fitness industry and have worked across Australia and New Zealand. I’ve competed both nationally and internationally for bodybuilding and have a number of titles under my belt. I’m passionate about getting my clients the best results possible and I’m an expert in helping people of all fitness levels and experience at all ages. Get in touch with the team at DX3 today by visiting for a free consultation.
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