Dominion Victory reveals how he overcame depression and suicide

Dominion Victory is a writer and musician who has overcome incredible obstacles in his personal life and wants to share his message of hope with the world. Dominion has written a new book “Overcome & Live Beyond” wherein he reveals his secrets to living a more fulfilled life in a seemingly bleak world.

What was your inspiration to write your new book “Overcome & Live Beyond”?

I had overcome depression and suicide and started completely living beyond them.

Over 20 years ago I found myself at a point where I was depressed and got fed up with life. I felt there wasn’t any reason to keep living in a world of frustration and misery, so in hopelessness I wrote my mum a note saying she and my family shouldn’t bother looking for me because they won’t find me anywhere again.

At that point I was going to do something nasty but in the process something happened,  my mum read the note almost immediately and I heard her praying, calling my name and declaring that no matter what I did is that God shouldn’t allow me to die. That I will live and fulfil my purpose.

That made me give up my suicide ambition and the healing process began.

So I was inspired to write when I found out as a pastor, I had to give counselling to a lot of people struggling with suicide issues, then about 4 years ago I began to put the book together.

I actually left the manuscript like others which I have written also, but a few months ago I read in the news about a pastor in the U.S. who went through depression and took his own life. I was touched and began praying for the family and asking God questions when I heard a voice like a witness within me say “Go and publish that book now”. I asked which book? Because I had released an album called “Revival Outbreaks” and was thinking that’s the book to publish, but that inner voice responded saying ”It will stop this thing from happening”, so I gained clarity on what book it was.

To be honest, I wasn’t even ready for it, no plan, no budget, but I began taking steps of faith until I that manuscript began to metamorphose into a book for all to read.

It’s all about saving lives and helping people overcome and find hope, peace, joy, love and reasons to live.

The book covers difficult topics like depression and suicide – how did you choose to approach this?

As I said before, the approach is from my point of view as a person who is a success story in that subject matter. Having won that battle, seen and helped a lot of people win their own battles at different stages and time. So my approach is that of a success story .

How have your personal experiences shaped the way you wrote your book?

Well, in different ways my personal experience helped me write from a point of compassion, revealing facts, truths and solutions to the problem, which have literally saved a lot of people from their struggle.

Without giving away too much – what are some of things readers can expect to learn about in your book?

Apart from the biological and psychological facts in the book, the content discusses ways to overcoming depression and suicide.

  • Handling depression in a relationship
  • Suicide prevention
  • Finding hope and purpose for living
  • The gold focus
  • Spiritual alignment
  • The use of words etc.

It also reveals ways to overcome anxiety and fear, which also lead to depression

Highly imperative it contains “how to” or how I’ve turned my rejections to  become foundations for my promotion.

How did you begin your musical career? What prompted you to work on your albums?

I had always been a singer. I sang in kid’s choir, youth choir and adult choir.

I left the choir in 2008, I started songwriting 2006 and did some on freelance work but began recording personally in 2015.

My first recording was a decision I made when I had the most challenging issues of my life.

I say most challenging because it shook the faith of people around me so I decided instead of being trapped with murmuring and complaints I should stand on that to celebrate.

And how I chose to do that was to do the recording. Life is made of choices, we can choose to amplify problems and make it so big that it overcomes us or to despise, minimise the big problem so small that we overcome it.

We can choose to infuriate ourselves when challenged or celebrate our way out of our challenges.

The latter was my choice.

And that’s how I started working on my personal albums and single releases and the purpose is to impact the world positively. You might have learnt of R2Ci (Royalties to Charities Initiative) which I began because life is not about what we get but what we give.

What is the core message throughout all of your work that you want people to know?

Going through my works you will always find messages of salvation, hope, faith,  revival, peace, love and grace. Those’s what I represent and have become my message to the world.

What can people expect from you in the future?

We’re presently working on establishing the WCDSC (World Centre for Depression and Suicide Control) which might be the first online based mental health centre in the world.

The purpose is to reach beyond boundaries with professional care and interventions when required.

It will bring together, global mental health professionals like suicidologists psychiatrists, clinical psychologists in reaching out to people online via the website social media or save a world app.

I will have some recordings and releases in 2019 as well.

You can get in touch with Dominion at

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