Disney lays off 250 Film Studio employees following Fox acquisition

Disney’s film and visual effects units grow smaller as several dozen employees have been let go in the department. These include employees from the newly acquired Fox studio.

Deadline reports that a total of 250 works were laid off as of this writing.

Figures exiting Fox studios include head of visual effects John Kilkenny, EVP of feature production Fred Baron; EVP of physical production Dana Belcastro and EVP of post-production Fred Chandler. The exiting Fox execs had reported to the studio’s boss, Emma Watts, was confirmed as staying at the company last week.

Another valuable Hollywood resource that Disney will be doing without is the Fox Research Library. By the beginning of 2020, the library’s collections will fall under the Disney Archives. The library holds over decades of period-specific info used in countless television and film productions.

Staffers at the Fox Research Library are expected to be laid off as well prior to its closing by January 6, 2020. The Disney Archives team and those from the Imagineering Research Library are currently hard at work evaluating the entire Fox collection.

Generous severance packages were handed out to Fox employees affected by the merger. Some have reportedly been given one to two years worth of salary.

The 250 recent layoffs at the film studio represent only a small portion out of the thousands of employees being displaced across Disney. Earlier series of layoffs generally affected Fox staff in departments such as distribution and marketing due to the overlap between operations.

Ben Hornery
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