Disney+ goes against streaming binge culture with weekly episode releases

Disney is diverting from the binge-watching culture that streaming giant Netflix defined for this generation.

As we all know, Netflix drops entire seasons of its shows all at once, drastically changing the way subscribers consume content. After all, why wait every weekend to watch an episode of your favorite show when you can sit down and watch all 10 or so episodes in one sitting right? Netflix executive Ted Sarandos shared the reasoning behind this strategy back in 2016. The exec says television viewers were moving away from scheduled airings to buying episodes stocked in DVRs for continuous viewing. According to Sarandos, it’s the way the platform tried to keep up with consumer demands.

After making full seasons accessible to its subscribers, viewers are now used to binge-watching their favorite series. Now, in an effort to overthrow what might one of the streaming giant’s greatest strengths, Apple, Disney, and Hulu are making the move to change the series viewing game once again. The powerhouses will be taking the opposite route by releasing episodes on a weekly basis. You know, just like the good old times.

Consider the move as a direct attack by competitors on Netflix. How this will affect the streaming giant’s way of doing things, we won’t know for sure until Apple TV+ and Disney+ rolls out.

Disney’s move to release episodes on a weekly schedule was announced at the D23 Expo by executives of the company. This means Disney+ is following how Disney-owned Hulu, Amazon Prime TV and HBO currently operate.

Ben Hornery
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