David Caruse talks about supplying high quality hoverboards

David Caruse is the shipping and inventory manager for Hoverhub, one of Canada’s leading suppliers of hoverboards and hoverboard accessories. In his role, David has streamlined and enhanced the company’s logistical backend in order to process orders on time and meet seasonal demand.

David answered some questions about the business.

What are the origins of Hover Hub and how did you become involved with the company?

Hoverhub entered the market during the inception of the hoverboard craze. This was a time when celebrities like Justin Bieber, Jamie Foxx , Skrillex, made their debut on Social media accompanied by this new intriguing device.

I met the hoverhub team through a group of friends in University and was quickly interested in starting a similar venture, but eventually made my way into working with the team.

I was hired to work at hoverhub in 2017 to help with the shipments , and eventually took over the logistics entirely as it was a complete mess and needed to be worked on.

What do you believe sets Hover Hub apart from other hoverboard suppliers?

Unlike other Online Hoverboard Companies , Hoverhub is aiming to be Canada’s favourite online hoverboard retailer with the widest selection. We currently have over 10 different models with over 100 ways to customize the hoverboards the way you like it.

The warranty at Hoverhub is also unparalleled, offering our customers 2 years with factory fault- damage compensation and repair.

Hoverhub is sold in stores, but is aiming to be involved mostly in an online marketplace, to offer all residents in Canada the opportunity to experience the thrill of riding a Hoverboard or as some say (self-balancing-scooter).

What kind of hoverboard accessories does Hover Hub sell and which are the most popular?

Hoverhub sells all the Accessories you can think of to customize your hoverboard. We have partnered with many accessory companies to offer the best rates and free shipping.

Currently the Original Hover Kart is not only the best selling Hoverboard accessory on our site, but also the best selling accessory in Canada. It is sold exclusively by Hoverhub and it takes the Hoverboard experience to a whole new level. We also sell different types of silicone and rubber covers, Vinyl Stickers, replacement covers and all Original interior components.

How have you optimised the logistics of Hover Hub to ensure it continually delivers for customers?

Before I came into Hoverhub, everything was being done manually and many shipments would get lost or not shipped out at all, pretty much it was a logistical nightmare. I could see why we were getting a lot of shipments , but that was only have the process. Organizing the shipments and hoverboards when there are over 100 different variants is just as hard as you may think it is. I have implemented my knowledge of online API access and 3rd part shipping managing software to Hoverhub’s database to provide a more streamlined logistical approach.

The process took a few months and is now running a1 100% efficiency. This year we had a major setback which we were able to avoid. The setback was Canada Post’s Nation-wide Strike, which was a almost a catastrophe as we have just recovered from our previous logistical issues.

Luckily, we were ready in advance and used different shipping companies such as Fedex, Ups, and Purolator to ship out our hoverboards in time. Currently the strike is over and we expect to resume our normal shipping practices.

Hoverboards are understandably a popular Christmas gift, what kinds of steps have you taken to ensure you can meet the holiday demand?

Hoverboards are indeed a top gift for kids and adults across the country. We have stocked up over 1000 hoverboards this season to meet holiday demand. Unlike other years, we are fortunate enough this year to have received out last container in November which is just in time for Black Friday Sale and the December month which is our busiest time of year. We now ship every day of the week, instead of twice weekly, which avoids order setbacks.

How have you streamlined the process of customers getting replacement parts?

Our 2 Year warranty makes us the most reliable choice for Canadians with their Hoverboard Purchases. And behind that warranty we have a solid process that guarantees that every single customer will be enjoying their Hoverboard anytime of year.

We now stock replacement parts in our facility and offer free part supply for the 2 year term that the customer is entitled to. We also have free onsite repairs but just ask that the customer get their hoverboard to us for the repair.

For anyone thinking about buying a hoverboard, what advice would you give them before they make a purchase?

When choosing a hoverboard consider who it’s going to be for and the first priority I would be concerned about is the weight of the user. Hoverboards can be enjoyed by anyone starting from the age of 6+.

The minimum weight requirement is 25 Kg for anyone riding a hoverboard. If the weight of the user is around 25 Kg we recommend taking a look at our most popular option, the Slik Board Pro. Also, consider the wheel size , most of our hoverboards come in 3 different wheel sizes which are 6.5” , 8.5” , and 10”.

The bigger the wheel size , the higher the age and weight is recommended for the user. For Example the 10” hoverboard is mostly recommended for anyone 12+ with a minimum weight requirement of 40 Kg.

The reason is, because this is a larger hoverboard, with more weight inside it, making it harder to lift up. At the end of the day anyone accessing our website will find it easy to navigate and choosing the right hoverboard from our vast collection will be a breeze.

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Christian Woods
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