Davepainting transforms your photos into hand-painted art

Did you know that there is a way to have your photographs faithfully re-created on canvas by a real artist? Davepainting is a service that allows you to send in your choice of photos and have them converted into incredible oil paintings for less than $100!

Have you ever seen hand-painted portraits of real-world people and places and thought you might want something like that for yourself? With the invention of the camera, the old practise of having a portrait painted in order to capture visual memories isn’t necessary since we have thousands of photographic images being passed around digitally every day.

While photography and digital editing can produce incredibly beautiful results, people are still most-impressed by hand-painted works because of the physical labour of love that went into it. In this way, hand-painted works have an intrinsic value that can’t be replicated by other mediums.

While Davepainting is not the first business of its kind, it has established itself as the superior choice because of its focus on speed and affordability. The smallest available painting size (30cm x 40cm) starts at $99 (including shipping) and finished in 7 days, and the largest is $299, much cheaper compared with other oil painting providers (Oil painting express, myDavinci, etc), where the cheapest one starts at $168 (30cm x 40cm).

Davepainting is much more affordable than the next cheapest provider. They also have a much more functional website than their competitors, making it easy to upload, edit and process your photo(s). Through their use of PayPal’s secure payment system, ordering through Davepainting is slick and effortless.

How do they keep it so affordable?

Naturally, artists take pride in their skills and expect to be adequately compensated for the work they do for you. With that said, Davepainting has managed to keep costs down in a number of clever ways without jeopardising the sincerity of the creative process.

Firstly, the digital version of the photo you send in is printed onto canvas so that the artist can use this as a foundation. This means they are effectively painting over the photo to ensure that the process is both as speedy and as accurate as possible.

This does not take away from the skill of the artist – they still need to know how to mix colours and recreate lighting effects etc. This just means that they can work as quickly as possible so that you get your order shipped to you much faster than you would with a competitor.

Some artists might scoff at this process – but none of them can tell the difference once the end product is created.

Davepainting has over 100 painters (mostly based in China) who are each individually sourced and interviewed. Once they complete the piece, it will be packed (Rolled, Gallery wrap, Framed) and shipped (Free shipping worldwide) to your address according to your requirement. That means customers can hang their art straight away after it arrives in the mail.

Davepainting also takes quality assurance very seriously as the customer’s satisfaction with the recreation is what the entire business is anchored around. This is why every painting is inspected by two different sets of eyes prior to shipping to ensure that it meets the standard customers expect.

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The perfect gift!

Davepainting is a great go-to when you need to buy a gift for a friend or family member but are having trouble coming up with any ideas.

Everyone cherishes the memories in their life and gifting someone a hand-painted version of a photo they love is sure to take their breath away!

Even funerals can benefit from the presence of a beautiful oil-painting that re-creates the likeness of the deceased in an authentic and tasteful way. There are just so many ways that you can use Davepainting to surprise and delight the people in your life.

Visit www.davepainting.com to get your oil painting!

Mike Smith
Mike Smith
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