Custom shade sails: affordable and attractive choice for your outdoor space

Custom shade sails can make a wonderful addition to a beautiful backyard, patio or any other outdoor locations. These are also called sun sails and can be available in a plethora of materials and colors. For all areas where a ready made shade sail does not fit, this type of option can always be selected and there are many suppliers for the same. It can be the best alternative to a covered porch or a traditional pergola and can be an attractive addition to a place with an artistic flair and style.

Custom shade sails can also be a cheap and decorative way to keep the direct sunrays at bay and provide the needed shade during hot weather. Also, its installation must be done securely so that one can get maximum benefits. However, making a clothing selection for the same is equally important because there are many different types available.

We will take a look at these points in the subsequent sections in detail:

Different types of sail fabrics – Custom shade sails can be available in many different types of fabrics ranging from commercial 95 to commercial FR 300. Commercial 95 is a high-density polyethylene fabric that has a weight of 340 GSM and has been designed in a way so that people can feel cooler under it in hot weather conditions. This fabric is capable of blocking at least 98 percent of harmful UV rays of the sun. Also, the fabric is knitted well so that it does not fray or tear easily. On the other hand, commercial FR 300 is a flame-proof fabric that can provide ample protection from the sun and offers sufficient durability and strength. It can be a superb maintenance-free option for private and commercial spaces.

Design and layout of a sail structure – Custom shade sails can be installed in many ways depending upon a user’s choice. They can be flown vertically, horizontally, at angles and slants with an overlap or by keeping some corners at a height and others low so that they can look stunning. While a horizontal sail may look bland, a vertical sail can catch sufficient wind and create more load but can be dangerous as well. The most stunning installation can be created by using two or more custom shade sails and by keeping the mounting elevations at different heights so that there can be ample shade and anything falling over it can also roll down its surface easily.

Custom shade sails: affordable and attractive choice for your outdoor space
Photo: Erge, Pixabay.

Installation at a Proper Place – The identification of a proper place for installing a custom shade sail is required and is very important because once the identification area is complete, there can be other requirements like fixing a post for the sail, locating its mounting points, etc. Suitable fixing points should also be found and the sun direction and wind speed should also be taken into account. Therefore, while determining the area, the size of the sail and the strength of the structure that is supposed to hold the sail, should be identified properly. Additionally, any fire or direct source of high heat should also be noted and the sail should be kept away from that place. The path of the sun is also important as the shadow of the shade will move with the sun throughout the day. The shadow of the shade can be at its maximum during the mid-day when the sun is overhead. Therefore, strategizing this aspect is very important to ensure that a maximum area can be covered with shade.

Customized shade sails can be a very good way to cover an area from direct sunlight or even during rain so that a person can carry on with the activities intended to be done under it. Moreover, after the work is complete, these shades can easily be dismantled without much effort and can be re-installed whenever needed. That is why these sails are highly desired in many places.

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