Clive Palmer confuses everyone regarding Queensland Nickel

United Australia Party (UAP) leader Clive Palmer has failed to adequately explain his pledge to repay the workers of his collapsed Queensland Nickel refinery.

In a morning TV interview on Channel 9, Mr Palmer announced that the would put $7 million into a trust fund for his ex-employees. However, he was not able to confirm if the money would all be paid back before the federal election.

He said that people would need to “come forward and verify they were working for the company and that they qualify for that payment.”

Clive Palmer’s spokesperson told the ABC that an announcement would be made tomorrow in Townsville that details how ex-employees could qualify for the payment.

In the Channel 9 interview, Mr Palmer created confusion by stating that the $7 million had already been paid. It was later confirmed that the money had been put into the trust account.

Labor Party frontbencher Anthony Albanese said that the arrangement of Palmer’s trust fund was strange and that the workers should expect to see the money directly in their bank accounts.

Mr Albanese then criticised Mr Palmer for “boasting” about his wealth and ability to spend big on advertising while failing to pay back the workers of Queensland Nickel.

Mr Palmer has said that the UAP would spend nearly $50 million on advertising this election.

Christian Woods
Christian Woods
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