China: glass bridges in Hebei closed down

China’s glass bridges were designed to be a completely new and different way to see the country’s marvelous landscapes. As an attraction popular to thrill-seeking tourists, it allows people to “walk on air.”

But the attraction’s safety is now being questioned after a series of accidents prompted a Chinese province to shut down operations of the attractions.

The province of Hebei, known for its scenic mountain ranges, has closed off all 32 of its glass bridges, viewing platforms and walkways. Chinese state media CCTV reports that this was due to safety concerns that need to be evaluated.

One of the glass attractions closed down is the Hongyagu glass bridge. It previously held the record-breaking title of the world’s longest glass bridge. The structure is 488 meters long and is situated between two steep cliffs. Over a thousand panels of glass were used to pave it — something that definitely isn’t for the faint-hearted.

Another glass attraction in the northern Chinese province affected by the shutdowns is the East Taihang Glasswalk. The mountain walkway is known for its fear-inducing visual effects that make the glass floor appear to falsely shatter.

At least two deaths led to the closure of dozens of bridges. The country’s government has called for officials to check the safety of the structures with comprehensive tests. But tourists shouldn’t expect to receive results from authorities any time soon. The Guardian reports that there are an estimated 2,300 glass bridges in China alone. This excludes the glass walkways and slides that need to be inspected.

Danny Manly
Danny Manly
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