Channel Seven’s celebrities reveal all in The Real Full Monty

Some of Channel Seven’s biggest names have revealed themselves, stripping before a 1200 strong crowd at Sydney’s Enmore Theatre.

The Real Full Monty is a charity event aimed at raising awareness for men’s cancer – something that is often neglected in favour of breast cancer. The group of celebrities featured; model Kris Smith, Sunrise presenter Sam Mac, Iron Man Jett Kenny, comedian Shane Jacobson, radio host Brendan Jones, rugby league star Matt Cooper along with AFL legends Brian Taylor and Campbell Brown.

Whilst the men are all seasoned performers are don’t shy away from a crowd, revealing The Real Full Monty certainly had a few of them nervous. Even Smith, who is a model and has strong body confidence said that everyone was “literally sh*tting ourselves” prior to the performance which requires the men to finish off by stripping off their Velcro gG-string and revealing The Real Full Monty.

Kris Smith revealed that he did have to overcome a few body insecurities prior to the show but that when it came down to it he thought, just “be comfortable in your own skin, be who you are” he said.

Sam Mac received a big shock after agreeing to participate in the show not realising that he would be up on stage with some very fit men. He said that he got “stitched up royally” having originally thought it was just going to be eight regular men.

Mac even said that he went and got a spray tan in preparation for the event before warning the public that if things had gone a little differently it could have been David Koch up on stage instead of him.

Shane Jacobson was one of the driving forces behind the event saying that he believed if the men of Australia could see that these men had the courage to stand up on stage and go The Real Full Monty then the rest of the men around Australia should be able to build up the courage to talk about cancer.

Jacobson said that the performance of The Real Full Monty was an extremely scary experience but that the presence of the “buff bodies” in Kenny, Smith and Cooper made him feel a little better. He reasoned that with such good looking men up there no one will see his penis “because you were looking at them.”

The show will be a part of a documentary that is set to air later this year on Channel Seven.

Zac Fyffe
Zac Fyffe
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