Carey Mulligan wants Oscar voters to prove they’ve seen the films

Actress Carey Mulligan has shifted her career in favor of collaborating with female filmmakers. The conscious decision led her to projects like Suffragette’s Sarah Gavron and Dee Rees’ Mudbound in recent years. Her latest film is “Promising Young Woman” which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival last Saturday. The gripping thriller helmed by Emerald Fennell follows a female lead seeking revenge for the trauma she experienced at the hands of her abuser.

“Reading it for the first time, sort of made me nervous in a really good way, in a way that makes me excited to be part of something,” she said about the film — also written by Fennell — in a sit-down with Variety Studio.

Promising Young Woman marks Fennell’s directorial debut for a feature film. She previously served as the showrunner for BBC America’s season two of “Killing Eve.”

Like many cinephiles who question this year’s Oscar nominations, Mulligan raised a concern about the Academy Awards’ lack of gender diversity.

“I don’t think you can watch those films and not think they deserve recognition,” the actress said. “I think they need to be watched. I wonder if the system works in terms of getting sent 100 screeners. Maybe you shouldn’t be allowed to vote unless you can prove you’ve seen every single one. There should be a test. The films that did get left out are indisputably brilliant.”

This year’s Oscars gave the biggest snubs to female-centric films including Hustlers, The Farewell and Little Women. All of which, have been noted by the actress.

Mulligan further explained, “I feel like the fact that they are getting made is progress. But it’s all baby steps, she added.

Samantha Rigby
Samantha Rigby
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